Top 5 Ways That Vehicles Get Dented

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It’s incredibly frustrating to walk out and find a dent or ding on your vehicle. Many times, it’s even more maddening because you don’t actually know what caused the damage. Over our 15+ years of repairing dents and dings we have heard of endlessly creative ways in which damage can be caused.

Here’s How Vehicles Commonly Get Dents

1) Hail

Hail damage can be especially hard for vehicles. Hail storms can happen at any time of day, but frequently happen in the late afternoon – right when cars are on the road and most exposed.

Hail damage can almost always be repaired quickly without intensive body shop work. In fact, it’s usually the perfect fit for Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). PDR can restore your car’s surface imperfections quickly and cost-effectively.

2) Other Vehicles / Door

If hail damage causes the most damage to a vehicle, parking lots and driveways are the most popular places for individual dents and dings to occur. Many times it’s kids getting out of an adjacent car. Sometimes it’s another driver at a store or at work.

While every once in a while we see someone own up to causing the damage, most of the time you as the owner will come out to find your car dented with no note and no explanation. No matter what make/model you drive this is incredibly frustrating. It feels disrespectful. It can even feel intentional.

Thankfully, paintless dent repair is a perfect fit to make these issues disappear. With PDR, a technician can reverse the damage like it was never there.

3) Tree Branch / Acorns

acorn damage

Tree branch and acorn damage to a car can be really frustrating. It’s indiscriminate, comes out of nowhere, and doesn’t care what car you own.  A single small dent is noticeable enough. With storm damage, you can be left with unsightly dents and dings that can really take away from the beauty (and value) of your car.

4) Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

Every time you park, you know that it might happen. You park far away from every shopping cart in the parking lot. But eventually, it happens. Your car gets a dent from an errant shopping cart.

Shopping cart damage is often perfect for paintless dent repair. With PDR, a technician can focus on taking care of your car’s body and making it right again. Using specialized tools, PDR technicians focus solely on exterior damage, so we can take care of that shopping cart dent on a tight schedule, with little hassle, and at an affordable price.

5) Deer / Animal

deer damage

Having an encounter with an animal in your car can be really scary and frustrating. Here in the south, we tend to be overrun with deer. If you try to avoid them you run the risk of serious off-road damage.

Most deer damage occurs on the front end of a vehicle (like a collision) or in a side panel (from the deer running into you. Front end damage tends to lead to more structural or even mechanical damage and many times needs to be addressed by a traditional collision center.

However, most side impact damage by a deer or animal can be a great fit for Paintless Dent Repair. Most shops are happy to offer you a free estimate and can work with your insurance if you decide to make a claim.

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