PPF (Paint Protection Film) for Your Vehicle

Your car gets exposed directly to the elements. Rain, dirt, debris, hail, even temperature change can affect your car’s body over time.

Car manufacturers have invested in better and better factory applied paint. But even factory paint doesn’t last forever.

And what about custom after-market paint or vintage car restoration?

That’s where Paint Protection Film (PPF) comes in. Paint Protection Film is a simply idea that’s all about the execution.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a unique treatment for vehicle exteriors that helps your car look better, helps protect it from the elements, and decreases required maintenance. EZ Auto Spa is proud to offer Paint Protection Film to our customers.

PPF is a material technology that has made car body protection available and affordable to many car owners. It’s a clear layer of film that shields your car’s factory or custom paint job from the elements like dirt, rocks, debris, mud, sun, and rain. It also adds a glossy sheen that improves the aesthetics of nearly any car (though different from ceramic coating).

Paint Protection Film is an investment in your car. It not only adds value once installed, but it also protects the resale value in the future. EZ Auto Spa specializes in exterior automotive treatments and can help you decide the best route for your vehicle today.

We have deep expertise in applying Paint Protection Film (PPF) and experience working with everything from today’s cutting edge luxury cars to vintage restoration models. Get in touch with us today to see how Paint Protection Film (PPF) can help protect your investment and help your car look its best.

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