What’s Better PPF vs Ceramic Coating? (or Both!)

We meet so many clients interested in protecting their vehicle. Many are torn between Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating, or getting both. So which is right for you?

In order to decide what is right for you, there are a few questions you will need to answer for yourself. There is not right or wrong answers here. Completely a personal preference.

Whats the difference between PPF and Ceramic Coating?

We’ve talked briefly about some of the differences in another post.


Paint Protection Film is a protective vinyl that is applied to the exterior paint of you’e vehicle. It’s typically applied in a clear material but can sometimes be installed in a matte finish.

Paint Protection Film also allows for much faster replacement if its is damaged, compared to your vehicles paint. If your vehicle was to get scratched or dented, the existing paint can be quite costly to repair. PPF allows us to remove and replace damaged panels extremely quickly and at a fraction of the cost. Paint Protection Film is also self healing. Small scratches will disappear in front of your eyes when the film is exposed to heat.

PPF is a perfect option to protect against rock chips.

Think of PPF like a phone case. Its primary job is to protect your paint and clear coat from small dents and scratches.


Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to and cured with your vehicles exterior clear coat. Ceramic coating typically offers three main benefits. It keeps your vehicle cleaner, longer. It makes your vehicle easier to clean when it is needed. Ceramic makes your paint more slick and more hydrophobic. Water, dust, and debris all roll off of it much faster and easier. Ceramic also makes your paint look glossier and “deeper”. Ceramic can also be applied to additional surfaces on your vehicle.

Ceramic offers much less protection but much more improvement of overall looks.

What are your goals?

Ask yourself what you’re personally hoping to accomplish. Is your goal to protect you vehicle? Is your goal to make it easier to keep clean? Easier to wash? Are you hoping to change the appearance? Make your vehicle shine more? Defining your goals will go a long ways towards helping you determine with option is the right one for you.

If protection is your main goal then PPF may be a better fit.

If overall looks and ease of maintenance is a higher goal, then Ceramic Coating is probably a better option.

What is your budget?

Both Ceramic Coating and PPF can vary in price based on exactly what you are hoping to accomplish.

Overall the PPF price is affected by how much film is needed. While the Ceramic Coating pricing is affected by the condition of the paint as well as the length of time you’d like the ceramic to last.

Can both Ceramic Coating and PPF be installed on my vehicle?

Absolutely. This is honestly one of the more popular options, especially for new vehicle purchases. Adding both PPF and Ceramic Coating to a vehicles surface allows for the maximum protection while also improving the looks, glossiness, and ease of maintenance for an owner.

If I’m considering getting both PPF and Ceramic Coating, do I need to get one before the other?

Yes. Ceramic Coating creates such a slick top surface, very little can stick to it. This means that PPF cannot go over the top of a ceramic coating. However, Ceramic bonds extremely well to a PPF top. If you are going for one at a time, you will need to have PPF installed first. If you choose to have a shop install both products in one visit, the shop will preform the paint correction first, then apply the PPF, then allow it to cure before adding the Ceramic Coating over the top.
We talk more about this exact question here.

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