How Long Does Torque Ceramic Coating Last? Is It Worth It?

Torque ceramic coating is a mid-range ceramic coating product that’s relatively easy to use and apply. But how long will the coating last? Torque Detail says the coating lasts for up to a year, but recommends reapplying it every six months.

Let’s take a deeper look at how long Torque ceramic coatings might last and also the factors that can impact its longevity.

If you want a glossy car that draws the eye, Torque ceramic coating is a good choice as it’s glossier than many other mid-range ceramic coating brands. That said, some professional-grade ceramic coatings offer even more shine.

Torque ceramic coatings are generally well regarded as well, but as we’ll see, the coating itself may not last as long as other brands or professionally applied ceramic coatings.

We’ll cover the details later, but if properly applied, the Torque brand ceramic coating could last for up to a year.

Driving conditions and environmental factors, however, will impact its lifespan. Torque recommends that you reapply the coating at least once every six months.

What is Torque Ceramic Coating and Why Use Ceramic Coatings?

Like many other ceramic coatings, Torque contains silicon dioxide or SiO2 for short. Silicon dioxide is the most common and well-known type of ceramic coating, and generally offers a high hardness level (9H), as well as a slick hydrophobic surface.

Many people find that silicon dioxide makes paint jobs look richer and deeper. In other words, using coatings with silicon dioxide may not only protect your vehicle from various hazards but could also help it shine properly.

Ceramic coatings are quickly emerging as the premier coating for protecting vehicles. A professional wax job can make your car shine and will provide some limited protection for a short amount of time.

Teflon coatings provide more protection for a longer period than wax. However, Teflon typically doesn’t provide as much protection or last as long as ceramic coatings, like the Torque brand coating.

Arguably, ceramic coatings are the best in the industry. That said, not all ceramic coatings are created equal. Some coatings will last for months, or even years. Other coatings may quickly break down.

Often, professionally applied ceramic coatings last the longest length of time. In fact, professionally applied ceramic coatings may last the lifetime of your car.

DIY Ceramic Coatings Explained

Some folks choose to apply ceramic coatings at home. This may save money, but keep in mind that applying the coating can take a long time. Further, many ceramic coatings applied at home simply won’t last as long.

Some ceramic coatings are thicker and more durable than others. A low-quality ceramic coat often contains too much water and not enough of the materials that will actually protect your vehicle.

Ultimately, the lifespan of a ceramic coating is heavily impacted by the quality of the coating itself and also how it was applied. Even if you buy the best ceramic coating available, if it’s not applied correctly, the coating may quickly break down and could provide little if any protection.

Of course, the question here is how long Torque specifically will last. Torque ceramic coating is a DIY solution.

You can purchase it online, then apply it without any special equipment. That said, it’s difficult to apply the coating properly and if misapplied, it may not provide much protection.

Let’s take a deeper look at how long Torque ceramic coatings last.

Here’s How Long Torque Ceramic Coating Lasts

Torque Detail, the company that sells Torque ceramic coating reports that with a first application, the coating will last up to one year.

“Up to” is a pretty tricky word, however. Some applications of the coating may last that long, while other car owners may find themselves having to reapply the ceramic coating within less than a year.

In fact, you may need to reapply the coating within just a few months. Some Torque customers report that the coating lasts for only about three to four weeks. Others report that the coating lasted through the winter.

As for Torque Detail itself, the company recommends applying the coating once every six months.

Some vehicle owners may find that the coating lasts longer than a year. In fact, if your vehicle is mostly in storage, it could last considerably longer. As for regularly driven vehicles, while the coating may still be present after a year, it’ll likely be degrading and wearing down.

If you decide to use Torque ceramic coating, you should expect to reapply the coating at least once a year. Once a season or once every six months may be advised.

Ceramic coatings typically offer some protection against salt and rust. If you live in a cold region that regularly salts the road, it’s smart to apply the coating in the late fall, before the roads are salted.

This will help protect your car from salt throughout the winter. Similarly, if you live near the ocean, regular applications may protect your car from sea salt.

The type of paint found on your vehicle may have a big impact on how long any given ceramic coating lasts. Ceramic coatings bond with the paint, which makes the coatings more durable than other types of coating, like Teflon. However, ceramic coatings may bond better to some types of paint than others.

Clean Cars Make For Better Bonds

Before applying a ceramic coating, it’s important to give your vehicle a thorough wash. You’ll want to ensure that there is no dust or dirt on the car.

Otherwise, the grime may affect the application and prevent the coating from properly bonding with the paint. If so, your coating may not last nearly as long as expected.

When possible, you’ll want to thoroughly wash your car, then put it in a clean garage to reduce exposure to further dust.

After that, you’ll want to wait for the car to dry completely. This is important as water too may affect the coating application.

Then, follow the directions offered by Torque Detail to ensure the best results.

Is Torque Ceramic Coating Worth It?

The short answer is quite simply “yes,” Torque ceramic coating justifies its moderate price tag. And saving your vehicle from minor chips, scratches, salt, and other hazards could save you a lot of money.

That said, several other competing brands also offer a good value proposition. And you may enjoy better results with these brands. Brands often have their quirks, strengths, weaknesses, and various other attributes.

The best ceramic spray for you may not be the best for another person. Indeed, one ceramic spray may work great with your work truck or commuter car. Another might work better with a weekend roadster or classic muscle car.

Also, keep in mind that applying ceramic coatings takes a considerable amount of time. With Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits at home, you should expect to put at least a few hours into applying the coating.

Quite likely, it’ll turn out to be an all-afternoon or morning-type project. And don’t forget to wash and dry your car beforehand or you might end up having to reapply the coating.

In fact, if you’ve never applied ceramic coating before, you should be prepared to make some mistakes and have to redo it. While some people get it right the first time, many folks need to go through the application process a few times before getting it down.

With this in mind, some Torque ceramic coating customers report that the spray nozzle is rather weak, hard to use, and prone to leaks. Some also report that the nozzle was damaged during shipping. This could make Torque ceramic coating more difficult to apply than other brands.

So How Long Can You Expect Torque Ceramic Coating to Last?

As we’ve seen, there’s a wide range in how long Torque Detail ceramic coating will last. You should be able to reasonably expect the coating to provide protection for several weeks.

However, be prepared to reapply the coating once every six months. Of course, you might enjoy better results and the coating may last longer.

If the coating is not lasting for roughly six months, then you will want to revisit the application process. You might be doing something wrong. If the application process checks out, the Torque coating may simply not be the right pick for your vehicle and its paint. Harsh driving conditions could also reduce the lifespan, however.

Either way, it’s smart to chat with car owners and body shop professionals to determine if another brand might offer better results.

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