Paint Protection Film (PPF Wrap) Pricing & Costs

How much does Paint Protection Film cost?

Thats one of the most common questions asked when it comes to adding PPF to your vehicle. A new install of PPF can cost anywhere from $600 to $8,000 or more. That said, the average PPF package typically cost between $1,100-2,200 depending on exactly what package is chosen as well as a number of other factors.

What are the most popular install packages available for Paint Protection Film?

The three most common Paint Protection Film packages clients choose are Full Vehicle, Full Front Clip, and Partial Front PPF.

What do the different PPF packages cost?

Partial Front: Starting at $1150

A partial front PPF package is a cost effective way to cover the most exposed areas of a vehicle. This package will typically cover the front bumper as well as the front ~18″ of the hood and both front fenders. This will offer protection from most road debris and cover most common driving conditions. The edge of the vinyl will be visible on all partial panels.

Full Front: Starting at $1,650

A full front PPF package offers very comprehensive coverage of the front of a vehicle. The front bumper, the full hood, both full front fenders, & the backs of mirrors will all be covered. Edges are wrapped when possible and no lines or seams will be visible in the middle of panels. This is a great option to protect the entire front of a vehicle.

Track Package: Starting at $1999

A track package PPF installation covers the most commonly rock chipped areas on your vehicle. By installing paint protection film on the Full Hood, Front Bumper, Full Fenders, Mirrors, A-Pillars, Rocker Panels, & Rear Bumper Splash Guard you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is protected for years to come.
*If no visible rocker panel exists or rocker is not a candidate for PPF, lower doors will instead be protected. (see Tesla Pic)

Full Vehicle: Request a Quote

A full vehicle PPF package offers the most complete protection of your vehicle. All exterior painted surfaces are covered. Edges are rolled when possible. Headlamps and tail-lamps are also protected. Additional install time is required for a full vehicle package install. Request a quote/consultation for an exact price for your specific vehicle.

What other factors affect the price of a Paint Protection Film install?

Other factors that affect the price of a Paint Protection Film install is the vehicle size, brand of ppf, overhead of shop, uniqueness of vehicle, experience of installer, age of vehicle, and existing ppf to remove.

Vehicle Size

Essentially, smaller vehicles with smaller panels and less surface area require less material—which means a lower price to a client. On the other hand, a larger vehicle with more surface area tends to have a higher cost. Some makes and models have larger panels require the use of larger rolls of ppf. These larger rolls cost more to aquire and store and they also lead to most product waste during install. This can add to the cost of a PPF install.

Brand of Film

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. The actual brand of vinyl PPF used will definitely affect the final cost. A shop or installer that uses a high end PPF will be backed by manufacturers warranties and will be rated higher in looks and quality. It will lay cleaner and last longer. Where an imported cheap ppf or even one sold on sites like amazon tend to be of a much lower grade and will cost much less. High quality, manufacturer backed Paint Protection films can typically only be installed by certified shops. The training and certification is mandated by the manufacturer and helps to ensure that the PPF protects for as long as possible.

Overhead of Shop

PPF installed at a shop will have overhead that someone working in a parking lot will not. The use of high-end equipment (pattern plotters, lights, squeegees, knives, proper spray, torches, etc…) all has added cost. A high quality Paint Protection Film shop will also have a controlled environment. The ability to control the temperature, the wind, and to work in a clean shop ensures minimal contaminations (dust, hair, dirt) and makes the PPF install significantly better.

Uniqueness of Vehicle

Some vehicles are uniquely built and have aspects that increase the price of PPF. Some front bumpers, for example, have much sharper lines and scoops. This requires a higher level of skill from an installer and also may necessitate more wasted product on install. Some vehicles require trim panels (trim pieces, bumpers, hoods, emblems) to be removed in order to facilitate the maximum quality PPF installs.

Experience of Installer

Installing Paint Protection film takes incredible patience and skill. The art of cleaning, prepping, cutting, installing, tacking, and stretching vinyl takes years to master. Many new installers may lack the experience and may be able to save you some cost on the install, however, we find that experience always wins for quality.

Age of Vehicle

Older vehicles can be more costly to protect. They are much harder to prep, as there may be years of dust and dirt built up in the cracks and seals. There also may be existing paint and clear coat damage that may need to be address prior to install. It’s worth noting, if touch up is applied to paint damage, it is typically still very visible after PPF is installed. In order for Paint Protection Film to be virtually invisible the underlying surface needs to be as clean and unblemished as possible. Older vehicles may also be much more complex because there may be no templates for them for a vinyl plotter so the PPF for older windows must be hand-cut and stretched to size. This process is significantly harder to master and may require extra time and cost.

Existing PPF Removal

If your vehicle has existing PPF or clear-bra installed that needs to be removed, there is an added cost. Old vinyl usually fails because of poor quality film or cheap adhesive. This can lead to a headache for an installer as bad vinyl usually leaves lots of residue behind that requires cleaning before new PPF can be installed.

Do I have to buy PPF as a package or can I customize exactly what I want?

Of course you can customize. Only you can decide exactly what you want covered based on your specific needs and budget. The packages are a great fit for most clients but you can always get exactly what you want.

What happens if I need 1 piece of PPF replaced or installed?

In cases where individual panels need to be installed (like after a car accident) a shop can of course install the PPF for you. The most important factor here is that you have a professional company installing a high grade product install it for you. This will make the new PPF match the existing PPF seamlessly.

Can PPF and Ceramic Coating both be applied to my car?

Of course. This is a very common question and we answer it directly here.

So how much will my vehicles PPF cost to install?

In order to receive a quote for PPF you will need to contact a local installer. Every vehicle has particular nuances and needs that an installer can discuss with you. You can also pick out which Paint Protection Film package option is right for you. Most shops can also customize a package that is perfect your your needs and budget.