Ceramic Coating Pricing & Cost

You’ve done done your research. You know you want your vehicle ceramic coated. You know what paint correction is. How how much is this going to cost to have your vehicle ceramic coated?

This is by far the most common question with regards to ceramic coating and, although it can be a lot of info, we want to give you the tools to make the right decision for your vehicle. The following should answer most question with regards to the cost of ceramic coating your vehicle. Hopefully, after reading this you’ll be able to better asses the cost of having your vehicle ceramic coated.

There are essentially three main components that go into pricing a ceramic coated vehicle:

  • How much paint correction is needed to prep the vehicle for ceramic.
  • What quality/longevity ceramic coating is needed.
  • Are there any other surfaces being coated (other than paint).

The prices of all of these components can also be effected by the size of the vehicle being coated. Larger vehicles obviously require more time and cost a little more to correct/coat.

It’s helpful to not think of ceramic coating as a “1 size fits all” pricing model. There are just too any options and factors that can alter the price. It’s easier to think of a ceramic coating like a putting together a customized package made just for you.

While browsing this page you will want to consider your vehicles condition/needs, your goals/desires as an owner of the vehicle, and your budget for this upgrade. Hopefully this page will be helpful in your research.

Paint Correction Pricing:

As discussed on our paint correction page, paint correction is the process of removing damage and imperfections to a vehicles clear coat. This damage is caused by water spotting, improper wash techniques, vandalism, acid rain, normal wear and tear, etc.

Every vehicles paint is in a different condition and every owners goals are different. This means that every vehicles paint correction needs are different. Some vehicles will need very little correction while others will need multiple stages of compound, polish, and even wet sanding in order to correct existing damage.

The following chart outlines most paint correction price ranges:

Price ranges for car, truck, & suv.

Range based on expected correction needs. Some prices may vary.

Ceramic Coating Quality Pricing:

As you’ve researched ceramic coating, you know that there are several levels of quality and performance. Most ceramic options will differentiate the different levels of coatings with a guarantee timeline. You may see some that are 2 year coatings but 5 year to 9 year coatings are the most popular options for professional installers.

The longer lasting the coating guarantee, the longer lasting the coating generally is.

What do different ceramics cost?

Now that the vehicle’s paint is corrected, how much is the actual ceramic going to cost to install? Most installers can offer different levels of ceramic coating. Anywhere from 2 years of coverage to as much as 5 years or even 9 years of protection.

Here’s a breakdown of what you should expect to pay for different levels of protection:

Ceramic Coating Pricing
Ceramic Coating Options

Additional Ceramic Coating Options/Pricing:

Once a vehicle is paint corrected and ceramic coated, many clients are completely satisfied. However, some clients request to have additional surfaces coated and protected.

What additional ceramic protection is offered?

Clients can have nearly every exterior surface of their car coated with ceramic coatings. In addition to the exterior paint, clients can elect to have ceramic applied to wheel faces, barrels of wheels, interior leather, matte dash, carpet, and even glass can be coated and protected.

Ceramic Applied To Leather Interior

How much does it cost to coat/protect additional surfaces?

Individually, each additional surface protection option costs $185 to coat. Removing wheels in order to coat the barrels adds additional cost.

Clients that wish to protect every surface can opt in for our Total Surface Protection package for $525 total. (excluding barrels of wheels)

Total Ceramic Coating Cost

Although we can paint correct and ceramic coat vehicles of all ages and sizes, it is extremely common for clients to protect their vehicle immediately after purchasing it. For this reason, our most common package sold is a single stage paint correction followed by our 9 year Crystal Serum Ultra application. Most clients also opt in for 1 additional surface protected with wheel faces and glass surfaces being the most popular two options.

What does the average ceramic coating ticket package cost?

A package similar to the one listed above would cost a clients between $1275 – $1710 depending on the size of the vehicle.

We hope this page is helpful if you are considering ceramic coating your vehicle.

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