Ceramic Coating for Your Vehicle

Your car deals with a lot – dirt, debris, sun, rain, temperature, hail, mean people with keys, pollen, and more.

Whether you have a new car, a new custom paint job, or just want to protect one of your largest investments, ceramic coating is one new incredible option to protect your car’s exterior.

It’s a technology & brilliant concept that’s all about the execution. That’s where EZ Auto Spa comes in.

EZ Auto Spa is proud to be a Gtechniq accredited installer of ceramic coatings. This means that we can not only offer you the best coatings on the market, you can also rest assured knowing that its being installed to the highest standards and is backed by both our shop and the manufacturer.

Check out recent before & after examples of Ceramic Coating and explore how our pricing works.

EZ Auto Spa is a full-service Auto Spa that also provides window tint, paint protection film, and paintless dent repair in addition to ceramic coating application. We can help you decide on the best course of protection for your *entire* vehicle.

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How Ceramic Coating Works

Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to a vehicle’s exterior. Once applied, this ceramic coat creates a bond with the vehicles factory paint and adds an extraordinary amount of long-term surface protection. A premium coating will add value to your vehicle and help protect its appearance. And it’s not just for new cars either!

Ceramic coating can be applied to exterior paint, painted and machined wheels, exterior glass, as well as interior leather and fabric surfaces. 

Ceramic coating has several long-lasting benefits for car owners and is a popular and worthwhile investment, especially for luxury, vintage, and highly customized vehicles.

While ceramic coating provides protection from superficial wash scratches affecting the clear coat, more obvious sorts of small and deep scratches and chips may be better protected with an installation of Paint Protective Film. Ceramic does also helps protect your car’s paint finishes against harmful UV rays that can result in a fading paint job. Lastly, ceramic coating acts as a sealant (though it is different from paint protection film). This reduces the need for a frequent car wash or auto detailing and even improves a car body’s response to water (better than traditional wax), allowing it to bead up and run off the surface easily. It even helps prevent grime from mold and bird droppings.

Ceramic coating is an investment that needs to be done right. There are a lot of ceramic car coating brands on the market (Gtechniq Ceramic Coating, Ceramic Pro Coating, etc) that all sell the same benefits. There’s a lot of jargon including “nano ceramic coating” or “paint correction” or “clear bra” or “chemical etching” or “oxidation” that all mean very specific things that can affect your car. Additionally, every application has a different lifespan. There is no lifetime guarantee (no matter what someone on the Internet says). Our coatings all come with different guarantees from 9 to 5 years – but we can also work with you to choose the best for your car & use case.

Ceramic Coating Brands

Ceramic Coating Costs & Options

Ceramic coating costs are determined by process & materials.

The ceramic coating process is determined by what *your* goals are. Do you want to restore your paint to its original gloss? Do you want it even better than when it came off the factory floor? Or do you just want it to not look quite so dull?

Learn more about Ceramic Coating Pricing here!

Ceramic Coating Process Costs

The ceramic coating process involves several stages & “mini-processes” that each add more shine, gloss, and “pop” to your car. Our washing & buffing process can remove a lot of the contaminants affecting how light reflects from your paint. And each layer of coating adds that much more gloss & shine. Additionally, each stage of paint correction can bring it closer to factory condition.

You can choose exactly how involved the process is – and we can help explain the labor & skill involved in each stage, so that you can almost pick your your cost level.

Ceramic Coating Material Costs

Ceramic coating materials are determined by the size of your car and the grade of ceramic coating.

Size of your car is fairly straightforward. A small hatchback has less surface area to coat than a Chevrolet Tahoe.

Your grade of ceramic coating is mainly a choice of how long you want your coating to last and how much you want it to “pop” – we offer a full range of the best coatings in the industry and can walk you through your choices.

Sometimes though, it’s easier to just chat in person with our ceramic coating specialists. Feel free to drop in and have our specialists check out your car and show you your options!

Our two locations are accessible to the entire Metro Atlanta area and North Georgia. Our Duluth location is right off I-85 at Gwinnett Place Mall and a short drive from Decatur, Sandy Springs, or Alpharetta. Our Athens location is off the Atlanta Highway and is quickly accessible to all of Northeast Georgia.

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