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Looking for a car upgrade where you can see & feel the difference? Window tinting can do both for your vehicle. And the installation can be faster and more accessible than you may think.

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How Does Window Tinting Work?

Window tinting adds a thin layer of film to your vehicle’s windows for comfort, privacy, safety, and value. EZ Auto Spa is proud to offer window tinting to our customers. We are Metro Athens & Atlanta tint specialists. Most people tend to think solely about the privacy benefits of window tinting, but the benefits go further than just privacy — especially with modern day window film materials.

Window tinting can lower the indoor temperature of your car and reduce the need to run A/C in the hot Atlanta area summers. It can even help insulate car interiors to take the edge off frosty morning commutes in the winter.

We were founded and serve North Georgia. Atlanta window tinting services have seen a surge in popularity, as vehicle owners in the metropolitan area seek to enhance privacy and reduce heat and glare from the intense southern sun.

New window tint film materials can also shield your car’s interior from harsh UV light. By keeping your seats, dashboard, and interior coverings in shape, window tinting can preserve the resale value of your car.

Lastly, window tinting can increase car safety with glare reduction for better visibility, reducing window shatter in case of an accident, and shielding your car’s contents from easy exterior view.

Window tinting treatments vary according to car make, model, age, and the owner’s goal. We have set our window tint pricing to be clear & versatile for any budget.

EZ Auto Spa offers both ceramic car window tint or carbon tint and uses high-quality SunTek premium window film exclusively.

So what’s the difference between regular film and ceramic?

Both cut harmful UV rays (including UVA & UVB) and visible light while offering privacy. Regular car window tinting is simply privacy / security film while ceramic tint drastically mitigates and cuts the heat down in your vehicle. It’s known in the industry as solar control films.

Tint is important and stylish on your vehicle. Driving with tinted windows can absolutely make you more comfortable and give you more privacy. In the case of Ceramic tint, it can drastically reduce the temperature in those hot Georgia summers.

EZ Auto Spa lives up to its name of making things easy. Give your car, truck or SUV (& yourself) an upgrade. Come down, experience the difference with automotive window tint from EZ Auto Spa. We even fix failed window tint from the other guys and are happy to answer all the window tint questions you may have.

EZ Auto Spa’s two locations conveniently serve the Metro Atlanta area. The Duluth location is right off I-85 at Gwinnett Place Mall and is accessible from Decatur to Sandy Springs to Alpharetta. The Athens location is off Atlanta Hwy and is perfect for North Georgia and commuters.