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We get it. Getting window film on your vehicle isn’t an everyday occurrence. Because of this, you probably have questions. Some of the most common questions, like price, we’ve already answered. We also talk about the difference between ceramic tint and carbon tint. However, there may be some questions you might not know how or even be too embarrassed to ask. Well here are a few window tint questions that we hear quite a bit:

Does window tint go on the outside or inside of the glass?

Window film is applied to the inside of the glass. We actually get this question nearly every day. You might have even seen a technician laying the film on the outside of the glass to begin the install. This is part of the measuring and shrinking process. The actual film will adhere to the inside of the glass. This is great news, as it makes the actual tint less susceptible to scratching and damage since it’s on the inside, not the outside.

How long does it take to tint my car?

For most vehicles tinting all the windows takes anywhere from two to three hours. This is based on the size of the vehicle and the actual amount of windows being installed. Full-sized sedans normally only take about one to two hours to install, whereas larger SUVs may take longer. If you only want your front doors tinted it normally only takes 30-60 minutes to install.

Why do some window tint companies charge a lot more / less than others?

As we discuss on our tint pricing page, the most common factors that influence the cost of window tint are quality of film, vehicle size, brand of film, overhead of shop, uniqueness of vehicle, experience of installer, age of vehicle, and existing tint to remove. The actual film quality is among the most important as there are significant differences between low-cost dyed tint and high quality ceramic tint.

Why does some window tint fail (fade, bubble, turn green)?

The main reason two factors that cause tint to fail are: low quality film or low quality install. Many companies will advertise “too good to be true” prices when it comes to window tint. They will be cheaper than everyone else and as a result many clients will jump on the bait. Unfortunately, they typically get what they pay for. We discuss this more in depth here.

How dark is the window tint able to be?

The honest answer is, as dark as you would like. Tint shade is a personal preference for the driver and most tint shops can install anywhere from virtually invisible 70% all the way to 5% (limo tint). The main question is, what is legal in your state? We discuss the Georgia tint laws here.

We hope this helps you feel more prepared to make your tint purchase. You may also like to take a look at some of these great resources: 

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