Why is My Window Tint Failing?

Have you ever seen a car with window tint that has turned green or yellow? How about large bubbles or fading? Why does this occur? What can you do to repair it? What can you do to prevent it?

Window tint fails for one of two simple reasons – Poor installation or inferior products.

Many companies will advertise “too good to be true” prices when it comes to window tint. They will be cheaper than everyone else and as a result many clients will jump on the bait. Unfortunately, they typically get what they pay for.

Tint installers will save themselves money by installing far inferior “dyed” tint. This is basically clear film that has been colored grey to look like window tint. It can look “ok” immediately following and install but a dyed tint will ALWAYS FAIL.

Over time, heat and general usage will cause the film to discolor and fail. Some cheap films also use really cheap adhesives that eventually bubbles up. Unfortunately, this also makes it extremely messy and time consuming to remove off of the glass. Many clients find that they will end up paying more to have bad film removed than they did to have it installed.

An inexperienced installer or bad working conditions can also lower the quality of the film. Dust and debris can get behind the tint and can eventually leave small bubbles that look bad.

At our shops we not only use the highest quality ceramic and carbon film, we also install in a temperature controlled and clean environment. Thus insuring that the quality looks amazing when you pick up and continues to look amazing for years to come.

We even guaranty the quality of our install for life. We trust our product, our people, and our process; you can too.

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