Can a Dent Be Quickly “Popped” Out?

We get this question a lot. “Can my dent just Pop out?”

The short answer is that, no, you cannot just “pop” and dent out.

It makes sense. It went in so quickly, can’t it come out just as easily and quickly? Some might have even seen social media videos of dents being “popped out” very quickly that looks seemingly perfect.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen like this in a real repair scenario. Most metal has a memory and can be manipulated back to its original shape but it takes great patience and it must be done very slowly and methodically.

In order to protect the integrity of the exterior paint, our technicians need to control the entire process from start to finish. We do use glues and adhesives to move chunks of metal quickly, but it will always require some fine tuning, pushing and blending to make it look actually perfect.

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