Will Paintless Dent Repair Show Up On Carfax?

Paintless Dent Repair damage will usually not show up on a Carfax report since it is rarely structural in nature and most PDR specialists are not required to report to Carfax.

Carfax is a reporting system set up to prevent customers from buying cars that unknowingly had a fraudulent or undocumented past. It’s a great tool if you are going to look for a used car, but not everything shows up on a Carfax report, and not everyone is mandated to report damages to Carfax. 

EZ Auto Spa Auto Spa is not mandated to report any repairs to Carfax from dings and dents. However, Carfax receives its data from a lot of different sources. 

According to the CARFAX website:

CARFAX® receives data from more than 100,000 different sources, including every U.S. and Canadian provincial motor vehicle agency plus many police and fire departments, collision repair facilities, auto auctions, and more.


In general, PDR is a less evasive way to repair dings and dents, so if someone is concerned about having a dent on their Carfax report, they should pull their report within 3-6 months and make sure the insurance company has not filed anything.

If there is a report, the reader should grab their work and proof of work from the PDR repair, as well as any other documents they have, and contact Carfax.

Most of the time, PDR repairs are not reported as structural damage, and this is where the reader would need to contact Carfax and explain that their account for repairs is inaccurate.

How much does a dent or ding damage devalue a vehicle? 

If your car has dents and dings that haven’t been taken care of, its value will be reduced by the amount of damage done to it. For example, if it’s worth $20,000, but there’s $500 worth of damage, its worth will be lowered to $19,500.

If your damage is resolved and fixed, there is no straightforward answer as to whether it diminishes the value of your vehicle. Minor damage can be quickly and relatively easily fixed by our technicians. Though it is not an effortless repair, it is something we handle every day. This damage typically will not reduce your vehicle’s resale value, and it should look as good as it did when it left the factory. Not all dent repair is the same; our goal is to have minimal effect when repairing your car or truck.

If your car has sustained extensive damage, its value may decrease significantly – this is called diminished value. Fortunately, there are companies we collaborate with that specialize in just this type of problem – and your insurance provider is obligated to reimburse you for the value loss. This is known as a Diminished Value Claim.

Diminished value refers to the difference in your car’s market value before and after the claim. If you have questions about this process or want to know more about how this is resolved, we have people that we can refer you to who do this for a living and will help you get the money you are owed. 

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