Should I Try To Fix a Dent Myself? Is DIY Paintless Dent Repair Worth It?

First, we do not recommend trying to fix a car dent yourself. We say that, not because that’s what we do, but because of what we’ve seen when car owners attempt DIY paintless dent repair.

Due to how modern car bodies are manufactured, it’s often easy to make a small dent worse than to fix it yourself. Paintless dent repair is a process that is equal parts art, science, and innovative tools. Without lots of practice, exposure to different types of dents, and knowledge of car body structure, it’s easy to go very wrong with DIY dent repair.

Second, at EZ Auto Spa, we know the feeling of “it’s just a small dent – I really don’t want a lot of hassle or costs!

That’s why we offer free, zero-pressure assessments of car damage. We are happy to just take a look and let you know your options based on your goals.

With PDR, you usually have a lot more options than you’d think. Bring your car by or send in a quote request. Either way, you’ll be talking directly to a trained EZ Auto Spa technician who can help you get that dent out on your terms.

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