Mobile Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) vs. Shop PDR

When you are choosing between a mobile dent repair (PDR) service and a physical PDR shop service – the choice is really yours based on your preferences. EZ Auto Spa has mobile PDR roots – and still can provide on-site service for customers who prefer it. However, we’ve moved into a few incredible & convenient physical locations that allow us to provide more predictable service for customers, which for most customer is even more convenient than a mobile service.

There are obvious customer advantages to mobile PDR –

  • Technicians come to you without having to drive or drop off your car
  • You can get excellent service while you are doing your normal daily routine

But there are also lots of customer advantages top shop PDR –

  • No synchronizing schedules – much fewer back & forths
  • Defined scheduling that’s not affected by weather or traffic
  • Fewer reschedules and interrupted services
  • Better estimates since we have direct, immediate access to all tools & staff
  • More customer service options including business-grade Wifi, rideshare options, car drop-off service, real-time service updates, and nearby errand options (quality nearby food, retail, etc)
  • Faster repair services due to direct, immediate access to tools & staff
  • More customer & business privacy since we’re not in your driveway or parking lot during the day

Whatever you’re considering – give us a quick call or email (via Quote form) to get the option that’s best for you.

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