What Does Hail Damage Repair Cost?

Hail damage done to black truck roof. Colorado weather insurance claim for repair.

You likely already know the answer to “what does hail damage repair cost?“…

…it depends.

But at EZ Auto Spa we also know that “it depends” is not super-helpful. We know because our plumber, electrician, and web designer all told us the same answer when we asked them what their service costs.

What most clients really want to know is “should I file a claim or pay out of pocket for my hail damage?”

So here’s what we can say – hail damage repair can honestly be as low as a $100 for minimal damage but also range as high into the $1000s or even $10,000s. Here’s a few of the things that we assess when pricing hail damage repair –

  • location of the hail damage since easy to access panels are quicker to work on than hard to access panels
  • depth, size & angle of damage since modern car bodies are built in a way that requires different tools & techniques for how the metal is bent
  • the quantity and quality of the damage along with customer goals

Also, hail damage is covered under your comprehensive section of your car insurance. Any costs above your deductible are covered by insurance.

The most helpful thing to honestly do is to bring it by one of our locations. We’re happy to pull your car into the shop and inspect it with you under our hail lights.

Now, we have working relationships with nearly every insurance company in Georgia and have deep expertise in working with policies & insurance billing. If you are unsure at all about hail damage costs, give us a call or send a Get a Quote request and we will answer any & all questions with zero pressure.

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