7+ Things To Know About Tesla Model 3 Window Tint

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You’ve probably tinted your Tesla Model 3 rear windows and are wondering whether you should tint the roof. Most Tesla owners consider tinting the roof as it helps to keep the sun’s heat out. 

This ensures you use less battery power to keep your car’s interior cool. If you’re thinking of adding window tint on your M3, you probably have many questions about how to proceed. This post takes you through 10 things you need to know about Tesla Model 3 roof tint.

Tesla Model 3 Comes With a Some Factory Tint

Before you add tint to your Tesla, it’s worth noting that the car comes with some factory tint on the rear windshield. However, since the factory tint isn’t that good at blocking UVA, UVB, or infrared rays, most Tesla owners consider adding aftermarket window film. The good thing about aftermarket tint is that it blocks about 99% of UVA and UVB rays and if you choose a Ceramic Tint, the film will also block heat by blocking infrared rays.

Cost of Glass Roof Tint

Besides focusing on the perks of adding tint to your Tesla roof, one of the main concerns you might have is how much it will cost you.

Typically, getting your Tesla roof tinted will cost approximately $200-$300. The funny thing is that you’ll realize that tinting the rear windows is even more costly. This shouldn’t surprise you since you’re dealing with a high-end car, meaning almost everything about it is a little more expensive.

The cost of getting your roof tinted varies depending on several factors.

Another thing to remember is that the cost of the Tesla Model 3 roof tint will also vary depending on region and weather conditions. For instance, tinting your car in hot regions like Arizona is quite costly compared to other states.

Market forces, such as increasing demand for roof tint, will also impact the cost of tinting your Tesla roof. For instance, the higher the demand in the hot summer, the more you’re likely to pay.

There are different types of Tesla Model 3 roof tints. This means the kind you add to your car will determine how much it costs to have it in your car.

Tesla Model 3 Roof Tint Has Its Added Benefits

So, is it worth adding tint on the roof of your Tesla Model 3? As previously mentioned, Teslas come with some factory tint, and you might wonder whether it’s worth digging deeper into your pockets to add an aftermarket tint.

Well, there’s a good reason most Tesla owners go for the aftermarket tint, as it offers myriad benefits. The main reason why it’s important to get your roof tint done is that it helps to protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, especially during summer.

Tinting your Tesla’s roof will help to lower the temperature inside your car. While most users report that tinting the roof doesn’t prevent scorching heat from getting into your car, it does help.

Besides, Tesla Model 3 roof tint also enhances the privacy of your car while at the same time ensuring that the interior surfaces don’t fade, crack, peel or endure other heat-related damages.

Tesla Model 3 Roof Tint Can Lower Internal Temp by About 60%

Getting your roof tinted with Ceramic Tint, can help to lower your vehicle’s internal temperature by about 60%. The tint also lowers UV rays by about 99%. This makes driving around quite comfortable, and the shade protects you from the side effects of such rays. UV rays can lead to sunburns and can also affect your eyes when driving.

Always Go For the Correct Tint

It’s tempting to settle for any tint as long as it keeps your car’s interior dark. However, it’s worth noting that using the wrong Tesla Model 3 roof tint can do more harm than good.

Increased sun exposure in your vehicle will lead to skin problems linked to exposure to UV rays.

What’s more, the wrong tint also makes your car’s interior more susceptible to sun damage. It’s essential to work with window tint experts to know which roof tinting options are the best for you.

Tinting Tesla’s Roof Doesn’t Crack the Glass

You’ve probably heard the rumor going around that tinting your Tesla will crack the glass. The truth is that increasing the percentage of your car’s tint also increases the heat absorption rate. 

So, if you add a 70% tint on the roof, expect the tint to absorb more heat. But this doesn’t mean that the glass will crack.

Adding an aftermarket Tesla Model 3 roof tint can protect you from injuries caused by shattering glass. In the event of an accident or cracks from stray rocks, the film of the tint will hold the glass pieces together, protecting you from potential hazards from the glass pieces.

Tesla Roof Tint and Sunshade

Adding Tesla Model 3 roof tint doesn’t prevent you from using Tesla’s sunshades. This is a good thing, especially for individuals looking to ensure they prevent more heat from getting into the car. 

You can tint the roof of your vehicle and still install a sunshade for extra protection. You can always remove the sunshade when you need more light in your car. When choosing Tesla sunshades, ensure you settle for the best brands for your car’s model.


Here are a few questions that can help you figure out everything you need to know about Teslas and sunroofs.

Is the Tesla Model 3 roof tinted?

Yes, Tesla Model 3 comes with factory tints. However, they are not 100% tinted. This is one of the reasons why Tesla owners opt to add another tint.

Can you tint the Tesla sunroof? 

Yes, you can work with experienced individuals to help you add tint to your Tesla’s roof. There are many benefits of tinting the roof of your Tesla, including protection from UV rays, cooler interior temperatures, enhanced look, and increased privacy.

What percentage tint is the Tesla roof?

The factory tint from Tesla is 20% VLT. Basically, the tint allows 20% of the visible light to permeate through but allows the glass to remainvtransparent, as most owners would say. According to Tesla, the 20% tint protects you from UV rays. Before you tint your Tesla, confirm with your local laws since every state has varying regulations on window tinting.

Is it OK to tint Tesla Model 3 windows?

Yes, it’s okay to tint your Tesla windows. Adding the right tint protects yourself and your passengers from UV rays. Tinting your windows also increases your vehicle’s privacy and protects interior surfaces from sun damage. Window tints can also enhance your car’s aesthetic appeal. 

How Much Does a Tesla Window Tint Job Cost?

The cost of tinting your Tesla windows varies depending on the brand of tint, quality, where you’re tinting, and cost of services. You may spend $1,000 or more to tint your Tesla windows. Talk to your local tinting experts to help you estimate an accurate figure.

How Long Does It Take for a Tesla Window Tint?

Experienced individuals can get the tinting job done within 2-4 hours. It’s important to talk to a reputable tint shop near you to determine how long it might take to complete the job. Some might be busy and could take longer to tint your Tesla.

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