5+ Things To Know About Tesla Model 3 Body Kit Options

The Tesla Model 3 is an electric four-door sedan developed by Tesla, Inc. The company’s first mass-market electric vehicle began production in July 2017. As a Tesla owner, you may know that Tesla offers various body kit options for Model 3 (we’ve also covered the Model Y).

What is the Tesla Model 3 Body Kit?

Tesla Model 3 body kits are aftermarket modifications designed to give your vehicle a custom look. Body kits often include front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, grilles, splitters, and other exterior styling parts. You can install these components as-is, or they may require additional fitting. 

Installing a body kit on your Tesla Model 3 can give it an aggressive new look while improving aerodynamics, handling performance, and fuel efficiency. Many body kit manufacturers offer a variety of upgrade packages for the Model 3, including complete body kits, individual components, and even custom-made parts. With so many options available, finding something that suits your specific style is easy. 

It’s affordable to get the sporty look you want without compromising quality or performance.

Why consider a body kit for your Tesla Model 3

A body kit is ideal if you want to give your Tesla a new look or customize it to your own style. It provides an incredible visual transformation to the exterior of your vehicle and helps protect against bumps and other damage to the body. 

Tesla Model 3 Body Kits are designed from high-quality materials and come in many different designs that give your ride a unique look while keeping its aerodynamic performance in check. Adding a body kit to your existing Model 3 will enhance it further, allowing you to tailor it depending on your individual preferences. 

Different Tesla Model 3 Body Kits

While there are a lot of body kits for the Tesla Model 3, there are a few that can manufacturers considered the top ones. Tesla owners may prefer this because of their durability or physical attributes. Here are the full-body kits for Tesla Model 3.

**EZ Auto Spa does not endorse any specific body kit or installing aftermarket parts. We are passionate fans of Tesla though and are providing this information for educational purposes only. Be sure to give us a call and chat Tesla anytime.

Vorsteiner Volta Aero Kit

Vorsteiner Volta Aero Kit is a complete aerodynamic system designed for Tesla Model 3. The kit is crafted from lightweight yet solid carbon fiber material and protects from air turbulence at high speeds. It consists of a front and decklid spoiler, side skirts, and rear diffuser that improve downforce while providing an unmistakable look to the supercar. 

With its sophisticated design, the Vorsteiner Volta Aero Kit helps create a sleek and aggressive look for your Tesla Model 3. Additionally, the kit provides an aerospace level of strength, durability, and superior stiffness compared to those traditional hand-laid carbon fiber composites. 

VR Carbon Fiber Aero Kit

The VR Aero Carbon Fiber Tesla Model 3 Body Kit is a high-quality body kit designed to enhance the look and performance of your car. It’s made from pre-impregnated 2×2 carbon fiber weave and manufactured using an autoclave process, so you are sure it is durable and could last longer. This body kit comes with the front lip, rear diffuser, side skirts, and trunk spoiler. 

It is also available in either gloss or matte finish, perfect for customizing your Tesla Model 3 to your desired look. With its superior quality, you can take comfort in knowing that your car is well protected from the elements as it improves its aerodynamic performance. So if you’re looking to give your Tesla Model 3 a more aggressive and sleek look, then the VR Aero Carbon Fiber Body Kit is one option. 

Novitec Carbon Fiber Body Kit

Novitec’s carbon fiber body kit for the Tesla Model 3 is an incredible way to give your car a different style and attitude. The manufacturer made the kit from ultra-durable carbon fiber treated with a special UV protective coating. It has components for easy installation on both the front and rear bumper, side skirts, a mirrored set of diffusers, and more.

The kit is the perfect way to give your Tesla Model 3 that extra edge in style and performance. The manufacturer designed it to give you an aggressive look while providing improved stability and aerodynamics. The kit works with the factory components of your Tesla Model 3, so installation is straightforward.

Benefits of Body Kit Options

Body kit options provide several benefits that can enhance your vehicle’s performance, appearance, and value. 

  1. Performance-wise, body kits can reduce drag, improve aerodynamics and add downforce for enhanced traction and stability (though Tesla makes no assertions and says that aftermarket cars can also reduce performance). 
  2. When it comes to the look of your car or truck, body kits allow you to customize its appearance with different colors, materials, and shapes. 
  3. Body kits often include spoilers and side skirts that give your vehicle a unique look and provide a sense of exclusivity. 
  4. Getting a body kit instead of individual pieces can also help you save in the long run, providing a more cost-effective option for customizing your car or truck. 
  5. Body kits can increase the value of your vehicle by adding features that enhance its performance and appearance. 

For all these reasons, getting body kit options is a great way to make your car or truck stand out and improve its overall performance and value. With the suitable body kit, you can make your car or truck look precisely how you want it to while also enjoying the added performance benefits that come with it.

Tips on choosing the body kit for your Model 3

Making sure you get a suitable body kit for your Model 3 can take time and effort. Here are a few tips to help you select easier: 

  1. Consider your budget. Body kits range in price depending on quality and design, so start by figuring out how much you can realistically spend on this upgrade. That way, you can narrow your options and focus on body kits that fit your budget.
  2. Think about the style you want to achieve. Do you want a sleek, streamlined look? Or are you going for something a little more aggressive or off-road-ready? Knowing the kind of look you’re after will help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect body kit for your Tesla Model 3.
  3. Research different brands and materials. Other body kits are from different materials, so make sure to read up on what each one offers in terms of quality and durability. And look at customer reviews to understand how people feel about the different brands.
  4. Choose a reputable dealer. Once you’ve decided on the body kit you want, find an authorized dealer you can trust. A good dealer should be knowledgeable and have access to quality products at competitive prices. 

These tips make finding the suitable body kit for your Model 3 much more effortless.

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