7+ Things To Know About Tesla Model Y Body Kit Options

There are various body kit options for Tesla Model Y. You can go for a front lip, bumper, wide-body, or full-body kit modification, depending on your goals and budget. You can also choose from Fiberglass, Polyurethane, and Carbon Fiber kit materials.

In addition, hundreds of different aftermarket accessories allow you to customize or complement your new Tesla Model Y. For example, some accessories let you aesthetically alter and improve the performance of your Model Y. You can also hire services to safeguard and improve the appearance of your new Tesla.

Although Tesla allows car modification, there are things you need to know, especially regarding Tesla Model Y body kit options.

Tesla Cannot Evaluate Other Distributors’ Car parts and Accessories

To cut costs, some repair facilities and insurance firms could advise using second-hand or salvaged parts. However, these parts do not meet the high quality, fit, and corrosion resistance standards of Tesla company.

Tesla highly recommends buying Model Y parts and accessories from their shop. If your Model Y is in a collision, contact Tesla or a Tesla-approved body shop to ensure the use of genuine Tesla parts.

Using Non-Tesla Parts on a Model Y

Tesla thoroughly tests all its parts to guarantee their compatibility, dependability, and safety. If by chance you use non-Tesla parts, Tesla will not accept responsibility for any damage, injuries, or fatal accidents that might occur.

Making Unauthorized Alterations May Reduce the Performance of the Model Y

There are various reasons people might buy body kits for their cars. Some want to improve the vehicle’s appearance, and some go for practical reasons, which are to enhance the car’s performance. Aggressive side skirts, front lips, spoilers, and fender flares can make your car look the fastest on the road.

Although you can find many body kit manufacturers nowadays, as a Tesla Model Y owner, you should know that installing non-approved parts and accessories or making unapproved changes may affect the Model Y’s performance and the safety of its occupants.

Tesla has chosen authorized body shops that adhere to high standards for instruction, tools, quality, and client satisfaction.

The Tesla Model Y Warranty Does Not Cover Non-approved Modifications

Due to the reasons explained above, your warranty will not cover salvaged or non-original parts. It will also not cover any failures or damage that arise from the use of this equipment.

This is also one reason paintless dent repair is a great fit for fixing existing Tesla parts – you can avoid the expense & wait for Tesla parts while also avoiding the risk of installing non-Tesla parts.

The Body Kit Material Can Impact Performance

The materials of your chosen body kit can influence the performance of your Tesla Model Y. A body kit can also improve aerodynamic performance in the air. You should get a special Tesla kit to accomplish your desired purpose.

Carbon Fiber is fragile but the best choice to improve performance since it has lighter options. If you are only after the look of your car, you can choose Polyurethane products if you have no concerns.

Body Kit Installation Is Relatively Simple

Installing a body kit on your car is a relatively simple process. However, taking your vehicle to a professional mechanic is highly recommended if you’re uncomfortable doing the work yourself.

The Price Varies

You should consider a Polyurethane car kit when modifying on a budget. Fiberglass enables you to develop your unique, comprehensive design on a tighter budget. If money is not a problem, then you should choose a carbon fiber body kit.

Performance body kits are typically more expensive due to the materials used and the methods employed to make them more effective.

The Body Kit Must Be Compatible

Tesla highly recommends only buying genuine Tesla parts and accessories to ensure the suitability of the supplies installed professionally and where you can receive expert modification advice about Model Y.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tesla Model Y Body Kit Options

Here are some common questions related to Tesla Model Y body kit options.

Can the Model Y be lifted?

You can lift the Tesla Model Y. However, you should take precautionary measures. You may refer to the Model Y owner’s manual for raising your Tesla car properly.

Can you modify the Tesla Model Y?

Absolutely, yes. Various parts and accessories are available for Tesla Model Y if you want to make your new Tesla even more incredible and enjoyable to own and drive.

Can I upgrade the performance of my Model Y?

You can improve the performance of your Model Y with aftermarket components. There are interior and exterior upgrades, and you can hire services to make your new Tesla look and perform better (we’re partial to ceramic coating + PPF).

Is Tesla Y considered a luxury?

Yes, the Tesla brand itself is already considered a luxury car brand. The 2023 Model Y is a good luxury electric SUV. It offers performance similar to a sports vehicle, up to 330 miles of range, and a sub-4-second 0-60 time.

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