What To Know about Tesla Paint Protection Film (PPF)


Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a one-of-a-kind product that protects your Tesla from the elements, is self-healing from small scratches, and saves you money on maintenance. Paint Protection Film is available through EZ Auto Spa.

PPF is a material technology that has made car body protection available and affordable to many Tesla owners. It’s a clear layer of film that shields your Tesla’s factory or custom paint job from the elements like dirt, rocks, debris, mud, sun, and rain. It also adds a glossy sheen that can actually improve(!) the aesthetics of nearly any Tesla model.

You’ve put your money into a Tesla. Paint Protection Film protects your investment. It not only adds value after it’s installed, but it also helps to preserve the resale value of your Tesla in the future. EZ Auto Spa specializes in car care and can help you pick the best option for your vehicle now.

At EZ Auto Spa, we can provide a wide range of paint protection film options with our accredited Llumar paint protection film installation service. We are also an certified provider of paintless dent repair, paint protection film, and ceramic coating for ultimate protections of your Tesla.

About Tesla Paint Protection Film

EZ Auto Spa offers professional Llumar paint protection film (PPF), which we’ve found to be an excellent fit for every Tesla model that we’ve services. Here’s a bit more on why we love it.

Tesla PPF (Paint Protection Film) Scheduling

Since exterior treatments are all we do, we are versatile with our scheduling and accurate with our estimates. We’ve done work with Tesla owners from all around the Metro Atlanta area – and even from Kentucky – and can get your Tesla back on the road with superior PPF and more.

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*Disclaimer – EZ Auto Spa is not officially affiliated with Tesla

Tesla Paint Protection Film FAQs

What are the pros & cons of paint protection films for Tesla, specifically?

If you own a Tesla you know how great the signature paint looks. You also know that because of production demands, sometimes the paint can be a little thinner than you want. PPF is an amazing compliment to your Tesla because it keeps it looking great, while protecting that original paint.
A con of PPF is that while it’s nearly invisible, if you do a partial install you will see edge lines. This may collect dust and overtime, may look annoying. This is why going with a “full PPF” option may be a better fit. By installing the protective film on the entire panel (as opposed to just the front) it will protect while looking amazing.

Why do you need to protect your Tesla with PPF?

Tesla’s proprietary paint and “certified only” body shop model means they demand the highest quality from a select few shops for repairs. This also means that those shops have a bit of a monopoly on Tesla paint and therefor can tend to be very expensive. PPF is a fantastic option to help owners protect their original paint. It also goes hand in hand with Paintless Dent Repair in that if something were to strike your vehicle you would have the paint protected with PPF and then could have any dents fixed with PDR. Thus saving you an enormous amount of cost and time.

Will PPF increase the resale value of a Tesla?

If PPF is installed properly, there is no doubt it will increase the value of your Tesla. Tesla’s are built to last. They will set new records for longevity simply because of the lack of wear and tear on mechanical parts. So Tesla owners value protecting their investment more than other owners. PPF keeps paint looking newer, longer. It also gives an owner the ability to peel it off in the future and reveal virtually brand new paint the has been protected all this time. 

How long does paint protection film last on a Tesla?

PPF is a protective outer layer that takes the wear and tear from road debris and minor accidents. So longevity will directly relate to an owners driving patters. PPF on a garage kept Tesla with minimal interstate use could last 10 years or more. While a more well used Tesla’s PPF may need to be replaced in 3-5 years if an owner doesn’t enjoy the signs of wear. Even PPF that has protected paint and taken some road damage, is still doing its job. It all depends on your personal uses, and your personal preference.

Will PPF solve Tesla Model Y paint issues?

Tesla’s Model Y paint tends to be a little thin and can even be inconsistent, mainly because the high demand has put pressure on manufacturing. While PPF won’t solve underlying production issues with paint, it will protect paint from wear. Thin paint needs protecting more than ever.

Do newer Tesla models need paint protection?

New Tesla’s are a perfect candidate for PPF. In fact, the longer one waits to install PPF, the more likely the original paint is to be damaged. PPF won’t fix damaged paint, it will only help protect paint from becoming more damaged. Therefore, “the sooner the better” really is true with PPF.

When can you wash your Tesla after protective film is installed?

We recommend allowing your PPF to cure for 7 days before washing. Rain water won’t hurt it at all, but soap and oil from a wash may compromise the curing process of the PPF. Some PPF even have hydrophobic qualities, therefore making your Tesla easier to wash and keep clean.

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