Paintless Dent Repair for Shopping Cart Damage

Shopping Cart

Every time you park, you know that it might happen. You park far away from every shopping cart in the parking lot. But eventually, it happens. Your car gets a dent from an errant shopping cart.

The damage is not too bad, but it’s really annoying that this happened. Maybe you’ll get it fixed on your next car trip to the auto body shop. But then again, maybe you won’t.

The vehicle’s otherwise pristine exterior was marred by a noticeable shopping cart dent on the passenger side door, serving as a stark reminder of the hazards that can occur even in a suburban supermarket parking lot.

A lot of people don’t choose to have their minor dents taken care of these days. Maybe because they are too busy or they think that the cost of dent repair is too expensive for them. Or they think about the hassle of a body shop.

But a dent from a shopping cart is still a dent. It devalues your car, steals a little bit of pride & joy from every time you hop in. But here’s the thing.

Shopping cart damage is often perfect for paintless dent repair. At EZ Auto Spa, we focus on taking care of your car’s body. Our tools and technicians focus solely on exterior damage, so we can take care of that dent on a tight schedule, with little hassle, and at an affordable price.

Conventional body shop repairs for shopping cart damage tend to be much more expensive and time consuming. Paintless dent repair is the preferred method of shopping cart damage repair by all insurance companies since most repairs can be completed in such a timely, affordable, and painless fashion. If no paint is missing than many repairs in can be performed using Paintless Dent Repair in less than a day.

EZ Auto Spa are exterior automotive specialist that take pride in our work. We are experts in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), which can get your car looking good again at your convenience without the body shop hassle & cost. Here’s why we’re especially right to take care of your shopping cart damage:

  • We have years of experience in working with cars hit by hail, acorns, and people denting other people’s cars.
  • Paintless dent repair techniques are especially suited to damage when the paint is intact – we can repair the dents without any chemicals, paints, or bonding agents.
  • Our state of the art shop offers convenience and our comfortable waiting room allows you the option to wait during the repair or leave it with us.
  • We’ve worked with all major insurance companies through customer– we know how to make sure your car is repaired correctly and efficiently to get you back to new in no time.

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“Getting your car worked on” is not anyone’s idea of fun – especially after a unexpected incident. But we can make sure your appointment is time well-spent.

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Common Questions

How long will it take?

Most shopping cart damage can be restored in a few hours, although lighter damage may take as little as a 30 minutes. Give us a call for an exact time frame. And don’t forget – We have a very clean, comfortable waiting room so feel free to wait for the quicker repairs.

What about insurance & deductibles?

We’ve worked with all insurance companies & all different types of policies, and know how to bill so your vehicle is fixed right. Plus, most times we can do the repair for less than your deductible.

What about shopping cart damage cost?

The average size, location, and accessibility of the damage is what generally determines the overall cost.  Estimates are free and can be done in a few short minutes, so contact us to schedule an appointment.

what happens if a shopping cart hits your car?

When a shopping cart hits your car, it can cause dents, scratches, or paint chips. It’s important to document the damage, report it to the store manager, and check if the store’s insurance may cover the repair costs. If the damage is significant, you may need to file a claim with your auto insurance.

can a shopping cart dent a car?

Yes, a shopping cart can dent a car. The extent of the damage depends on factors such as the cart’s speed, the angle of impact, and the vehicle’s body material. Parking lot dents from carts are common, often requiring professional repair to restore the car’s appearance.