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In industry jargon, EZ Auto Spa is an “exterior automotive specialist” – aka, a car body repair business. We’re kind of like “a spa for the exterior of your car”.

But here’s the thing about car body repair: there are different types of car body damage, and no single type of training or knowledge.

EZ Auto Spa makes your car better in two ways.

First, we repair your car’s dents, dings, indentions, bumps and irregularities from your car’s body or your dented and damaged motorcycle tank (or airplane!).

Because of that, we know exactly what we’re doing with dent repair. We’ve seen dent damage caused by everything from

Second, we enhance your car’s body with unique suite of services tailored for your car. We offer everything from –

We’ll tell you if we’re not a good fit, and provide a recommendation if we’re not the best option for your car body issue. We serve all areas in the Athens & North Georgia area, and work directly with most insurance companies.

In fact, we regularly host training events for Athens Technical College where Matt Moore, EZ Auto Spa owner, serves on the technical advisory board.

EZ Auto Spa Teaching

If you’re interested in car dent repair, and want to find out why we are the best choice for your car, explore more –

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