Car Wheel and Rim Repair

The most noticeable type of car damage often occurs to the car’s body in the form of dents and dings.

Yet such damage can also occur to your car’s wheels or rims (or bumpers). Though slightly less noticeable, dents and dings to the wheels and rims can be just as unsightly as body damage.

Here at EZ Auto Spa, serving Athens and Metro Atlanta, we provide specialized services for car wheel and rim repair.

What is Wheel and Rim Repair?

No one wants dents and dings to plague the wheels and rims of their car.

Not only are these blemishes unsightly, but they can also effect the driving of your car. Dents and dings to the wheels can cause a bumpy and unbalanced ride.

Our service repairs wheel and rim damage without requiring replacement. We use special hand tools to push and pull dents and dings form your wheels and rims.

EZ Auto Spa’s skilled technicians ensure that this process is done as safely and efficiently as possible.

Why Choose EZ Auto Spa?

It’s tempting to bring your damaged car into a body shop for wheel and rim repair.

While many body shops in the Athens & metro Atlanta area do provide excellent service, EZ Auto Spa uses an approach that traditional body shops cannot match.

We do not attempt to match & replace rims. Replacement parts can never match original factory equipment. Instead, we look at the repair from a whole car perspective. We repair the existing rim / wheel so that you can keep the factory equipment with a repair that works for your car.

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