Headlight Restoration


Problem – Over time, grime, water, and bugs collude to cloud or “smoke” up your headlights. They can also yellow or gray with simple age.

Either way – you won’t be able to see as far or as well driving at night.

Protect your family, yourself, and your car and have your headlights restored, so that you can see better and stay safe.

Solution – EZ DENT can restore and refinish your yellowed or grayed headlights. Our prices vary based on severity but generally run around $55/light (but depends on severity). This process re-clears the outer layer of the light and can make it look new again. (This service is only offered as an add on to dent repair, not a stand alone service.)

The bonus is that you don’t even have to take time out of your day – we come to you and fix it at your convenience.

No fighting traffic or sitting in the repair shop waiting and waiting…

EZ Auto Spa Athens

200 Cleveland Rd, Bogart, Georgia, 30622

EZ Auto Spa Duluth

3492 Satellite Blvd #120, Duluth, Georgia, 30096

PS. Did you know that we recycle leftover parts with our partners and recycling programs to keep car part waste out of our landfills.

where can i get my headlights restored?

Looking to restore your car’s headlights to their former glory? Headlight restoration services are offered at many local auto shops, car detailing centers, and mechanics. EZ Auto Spa can get you in and out quickly at our Metro Atlanta & Athens shops.

how much does headlight restoration cost?

So…it depends on make & model. But, headlight restoration typically costs between $75 – $150 for professional services. DIY restoration kits are also available, ranging from $10 – $50, if you prefer a more hands-on, cost-effective approach. The price varies based on the severity of headlight damage and location.