Is Hail Damage Repairable?

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Yes – hail damage on a car is repairable, unless it has done structural damage to the car.

You just got stuck in a hail storm, and when you get out to look at your car, you may see dents, and you may not.

If you do see a few, it’s unlikely that there are only a handful of dents on your car; most of the time, the damage is more severe than your naked eye can see.

If you put in in your garage, you may be able to see more damage, or if you want to ensure that there is no additional damage, bring it by the shop and have us put a specialized light on your car. 

This can be a sobering time realizing the damage to your vehicle but be encouraged. We are here to help. 

The good news, our industry professionals, have studied the number of repairable vehicles, and about 80% of the time, we can repair your automobile with only Paintless Dent Repair.

Our process of PDR repair is one that is made to put you at ease. Your car being repaired is a stressful time as it is one of your most valuable possessions that has been damaged, and you have to navigate the repair process. 

The hail damage repair process in simple steps is like this:

  1. You get hail damage on your car.
  2. You call your insurance company to let them know about the damage. They will ask for the following:
    • Your policy number
    • The date of the storm
    • Your location during the storm
    • The vehicle that was damaged
  3. You pick a shop. In the state of Georgia, you are NOT mandated to go to an insurance company’s shop. You are best off choosing a shop you are comfortable with, a shop with a phenomenal reputation, one that warranties their work, and one that you know will get your car looking the best it possibly can. 
  4. We work with the insurance company to agree on a repair price, and then we work on a repair plan. 
  5. We work on the repair plan and return your car to you. 

During this time, we are here to walk you through this process. The process can be overwhelming, and we are all in a rush to get life back to normal.

We want to repair your car without shortcuts and ensure that it is done to the impeccable standards that we hold. We will communicate our timeline with you, but know that things can happen that are out of our control, such as parts being ordered, or the repair time taking longer because the metal is harder to repair, or the severity of the damage.

For you and for us, time is money. We want to get your vehicle returned to you ASAP. 

All shops get paid very similarly to repair your vehicle, so don’t choose a repair shop because of price, but integrity and reputation. You are always welcome to email us with any questions at or call us.

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