What is Mobile Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

Mobile Dent Repair is the the use of paintless dent repair to fix car & truck dents anywhere and anytime.

Paintless Dent Repair has lots of advantages over traditional body shop collision repair, but one advantage is that a skilled technician can repair a car anywhere.

Traditional body shop repair requires chemical disposal, dedicated power supply, car lifts, and a regulated, safe operating space for employees. Since Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) uses hand tools along with some battery-powered equipment like lighting and drills, there’s no need for a dedicated shop.

Now, many PDR shops like EZ Auto Spa highly recommend that customers come to the shop so that we can control our process, meet our estimates, and get your car fixed faster.

However, there are plenty of situations where mobile dent repair is useful and necessary.

Requirements for Mobile Paintless Dent Repair

If you have a dent that needs to be repaired, you can email us some photos! Here are the directions and more info about getting an estimate.

From the photos, we can access if the damage is able to be done remotely. Not all damage is… Fixing a dent in your vehicle can take hundreds of different tools, and while we LOVE to be prepared for any situation, we cannot get every tool in our repair vehicles. 

If your dent is repairable at your office or house, a couple of things to remember. 

  1. The weather must be cooperative. Metal is picky and cannot be repaired when it is too hot or too cold. We don’t want to crack paint or jeopardize our repair. The climate must be kind of controlled, working in a heated garage is best.  
  2. We have to be in a covered area. Please let us know where we will be fixing the dent. 
  3. We have to have room to move around the car, your car cannot be parked next to another car if we are fixing the door, we need room to sit, stand, bend, push tools into the door, and stretch out. If you can do a pushup with your top of your head facing the door, and legs out, we should be good. Basically, about a 4-6 foot area around your vehicle is necessary for repairs. 
  4. We do charge a trip charge to come out to see you. The same work can be done in our shop, but we as a local business have to account for the time it takes our technician to drive back and forth, and the extra overhead of being mobile, but it is super convenient for you! 
  5. We would be honored if you chose us for repairs. 

Next Steps

You are always welcome to email us with any questions at info@ezdentrepair.com or call us. Our number is (888) 393-3687

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