How Much Does Hail Damage Repair Cost for Cars?

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Hail damage is often hard to see on a car. Depending on the size of the damage it can be tricky to actually know how much you actually have.

When you realize you have hail damage or if you think you do, the easiest thing to do is to swing by the shop.

We would love to take a look at your car and give you an assessment. An assessment is different than an estimate. A full estimate takes about an hour or more and that process is easiest completed when your car is here for repair.


An Assessment is a time for you to bring your car into the shop and we will help you understand the scope of the damage and your options.

Questions we ask and things we look for…

  • Does the car have cracked paint? 
  • Is the hail damage within the scope of our repairs? About 80-90% of the time the answer is YES! 
  • We can give you a ballpark of the damages for the vehicle’s repair. 
  • We want to walk you through the process of repairs, show you how it’s done, the tools involved, and really help you understand the process. We are here to be your advocate and repair your car to the way it was prior to the hail storm. 
  • We want to make you comfortable in the shop and with our team. We don’t take it lightly that we are repairing one of your most expensive possessions. 
  • We will walk you through all the processes with the insurance company.
  • Questions, we want to answer them when you are here! So come ready with your concerns. 
  • Lastly, we want to get you scheduled for repairs. We will do our best to get you in where your car isn’t waiting in the shop for a long time. 


An estimate is a full workup of your vehicle. We put the car under specialized lights and circle every hail dent on your vehicle (which is usually hundreds.) The insurance company requires this for them to approve the repairs on your vehicle. This is done at the time of repairs. 

PDR Lights

Chances are you could have a preliminary estimate on your car. 80% of the time, there are things missing. This is just a way to get the process with the insurance company started. Don’t worry too much about this as it’s just a jumping-off point for the insurance company. 

Did you know that all dent companies are paid the comparably… We count dents on a panel, let’s say your door, and we say, Insurance company X there are 25 Nickle-sized dents on this car and they say, great, that pays X amount of dollars. This is important to remember as you look for the best shop to get your car repaired at… 

  1. Body shops are all paid the same rate by insurance companies. Shopping around for “the best price” isn’t important as choosing the shop you are comfortable with and who will repair the damage to your satisfaction.
  2. Price to you is a moot point if the insurance is paying for it. Don’t get wrapped up in the cost, only be concerned with who is going to repair it the best because we all are paid on the dents per panel and size! 

We would prefer you have an appointment for an estimate, a properly written estimate take us about an hour or two to write. These are the steps we take for a complete estimate. 

  • We have to circle and count all the dents on each panel then put them in our estimating software. This is done with a special pen that is made to write on paint. 
  • All damaged parts, such as moldings, ¼ glasses, windshields, cowls, mirrors, and lights have to be written down and put in the software for pricing. 
  • We look at the car and test panels to find out what kind of metal it is, aluminum, steel, or high strength steel. (HSS)
  • We have to put in all of the R&I which is short for remove and install. This is the way that we access the dents, we drop headliners, remove the deck lid and hood, remove moldings, replace parts. All of these prices are dictated by the insurance company and all must be put into the computer. 
  • After that, we take photos of every panel and ensure that all the damage, dents, and repair time are accounted for… 
  • The circles stay on the vehicle so that the insurance company can evaluate and agree on damages. 

We typically write estimates while the car is in the shop for the repairs. The insurance company then comes and inspects the car with all the circles on the car and the parts written up. This is the process that they dictate. 

If you would like an estimate or an assessment please give us a call to schedule the appropriate amount of time. You are always welcome to email us with any questions at or call us. Our number is 706-920-6836.

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