How Long Does Paintless Dent Repair Take?

Alright, here’s the thing. Dinging a car is one of those things that 99% of us have done. 

The dent may have sprung up while parked in a parking lot, or a mailbox may have jumped in front of you. Either way, there is no reason to put off getting the dent removed when it is actually an easy fix.

Let’s look at how long paintless dent repair takes and see if it’s worth it for you.

How long do dents take to repair?

Your traditional dent repair at a collision center may take weeks or even months to complete, making it extremely inconvenient. It’s one of the main reasons car owners put off getting a paint job repaired.

Some DIYers will try to PDR the damage but, unless you’re confident about paintless dent repair, you will still want a professional to do the job.

The last thing you want or need in life is to ruin an otherwise perfect paint job by trying to fix it yourself when a professional could have done it in very little time.

How long does it take to fix small dents?

The smaller the dent, normally the less time it will take. But, when you take it to a traditional body shop, it is likely going to take longer than you want.

The good news is that if your car qualifies for paintless dent repair, it could take as little as thirty minutes.

Qualifications for Paintless Dent Repair

Whether you take it to a professional pdr shop or hire a mobile technician, paintless dent repair it normally a great option for small dents, dings, hail damage, and even some minor collision work.

Size of Damage

The first thing you need to consider is the size of the damage. The larger the dent, the longer the repair time.

Generally, we estimate PDR repairs to take about 1 hour for every inch of damage.

The Location of the Damage

The damaged spot will impact whether or not paintless dent repair is completely effective. Because your vehicle’s panels act as a shell. And some are easier to get to than others.  For instance, the closer to the edge of the panel, the harder it will be for a technician to repair.

The Condition of the Panel

The age and location of the panel matter, so it only makes sense that so does the condition. If the vehicle panel is the original, it will be much easier to apply paintless dent repair. 

You can still repair non-original panels; it just may require a few more questions and a little more consultation.

The Condition of the Paint

If the damage to your car goes beyond dents and dings, paintless dent repair may not be able to repair your damage 100%/

You can still go through the process, but you may need additional buffing, touch up, or refinishing once the PDR is complete.

How much does a dent devalue my car?

Minor dents and light scratches decrease a car’s value by 5% to 15% if they don’t impact the paint’s integrity. And, your everyday car accident with average damage can decrease your vehicle value instantly by up to 25% annually.

The point is that any ding, crease, or dent is worth taking care of as soon as it happens, so it doesn’t affect your car’s value. 

Can dents and dings damage the integrity of a paint job?

A car’s paint job is more than for aesthetics. Applying a ceramic coat to your vehicle’s exterior protects it from UV rates, chemicals, and destructive rust.

But when a dent happens, it may eventually cause the paint to crack and let water seep in. And, of course, over time, that water will cause the metal to oxidize and lead to serious damage.

How long does DIY paintless dent removal take?

Paintless dent repair is going to be a tedious process. Normally, amateurs take several hour of attempting for each small dent on a panel .

The biggest issue with DIY dent repair is that the cost savings typically don’t outweigh the risk. Most DIYers don’t have the luxury of a scrap panel to practice on.

With proper training and tools, most can expect to be able to fully repair small dents in around a year.

Does paintless dent repair damage paint?

If you take your car to a professional PDR shop, it will typically not affect your car’s paint job or warranty.

But, when you do anything yourself, you risk making an error. The most common errors when attempting PDR yourself is a tool slipping, pulling paint off with glue, or pushing too hard and causing poke marks.

Why get paintless dent repair done?

Paintless dent repair is a quick and affordable way to fix those shallow dents and erase those unsightly dings.

A Few More Questions About Paintless Dent Repair

How long does it take to fix a dent and paint on car?

It will always depend on the dent. A small, shallow dent typically averages 1 hour for every inch of damage for a professional.

But, some damage could take days. For example, a dent caused by deer damage may take several days to complete.

It’s why if your vehicle qualifies, paintless dent repair is the way to go. You’re normally looking at 1 to 2 hours, and that’s that.

Do paintless dent removal kits work?

It depends on the kit and the person doing it. You’re not going to get a perfect finish because you’re not a professional technician.

Some of the kits can improve the damage slightly, but it will be extremely unlikely for an amateur to repair a dent to 100%.

What kind of dents can be repaired paintless?

If your body panels are made mostly of metals, aluminum, and alloy, the paintless dent repair process is pretty straightforward and easily repaired.

As long as your paint ain’t cracked or creasing, you can apply paintless dent repair on dents and door dings easily.

If your vehicle sustained more severe damage, you will likely want to put your car in the hands of a local collision center for repairs.

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