Uploading the Perfect Picture for Your Dent Repair Estimate

A Simple Guide to Photographing Your Vehicle’s Dents

While seeing your damage in person at one of our locations will help us to provide an exact repair quote for your damage, we understand that many clients would love to have a general idea of cost before scheduling a repair.

To help us serve you better, we request high-quality photos or video of the damage to your vehicle in order to give an estimate. Here’s a quick guide to ensure you capture the perfect shot:

Step 1: Choose the Right Conditions

  • Lighting: Opt for daylight, avoiding direct sunlight. Overcast days are ideal as they prevent shadows and glare.
  • Background: Use a simple, uncluttered background to help the damage stand out.

Step 2: Positioning Your Smartphone

  • Distance: Stand 2-3 feet away from the dent. This distance offers a clear view while capturing the surrounding area for context.
  • Angle: Aim for a 45-degree angle relative to the dent. This perspective provides a comprehensive view of the depth and extent of the damage.
  • “Field Goal”: Pretend you are a field goal kicker. Take a step or two back and then one to the left or right to get that perfect angle.

Step 3: Taking the Photo

  • Focus: Ensure your camera is focused on the dent. Tap on your smartphone screen to adjust focus if needed.
  • Coverage: Take multiple photos from different angles. Include a straight-on shot and a few from the sides.

Step 4: Capturing a Video (Optional)

  • Movement: Slowly walk around the damage, keeping the camera steady.
  • Narration: Feel free to describe the damage as you record.
  • Length: Make sure youre video is not too long in order to insure a high definition upload.

Step 5: Sending Your Photos

  • Website Submission: Upload your photos directly through our quote request page.
  • Email or Text: Attach the photos to an email or text them to using the number on the team members business card.

Additional Tips

  • Avoid Zoom: Use your feet to move closer rather than using the digital zoom.
  • Clean the Area: Wipe down the damaged area for a clearer picture.
  • Use a Reference Object: Place a common object like a coin or a key next to the dent for scale.
  • Watch the Refelction: Be mindful of what is being reflected in the image. Sometimes pictures are hard to “read” because of background reflections.

Need Assistance?

If you’re unsure about the photo quality or need help, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to guide you through the process.

Thank you for choosing EZ Auto Spa for your paintless dent repair needs! We look forward to assisting you.

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