5 Best Spray On Ceramic Coating Options for Your Car

The shiny new car look doesn’t last very long.

You can keep that off-the-lot shine when you get a ceramic coating applied. It helps deflect debris like mud and dust while retaining a mirror-like shine.

Let’s take a look at spray-on ceramic options for your car so you better know which best suits your needs.

What is a spray-on ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating is a ceramic-based chemical polymer solution you apply to the outside of your vehicle for protection. It blends with the vehicle’s exterior clear coat to add an additional layer.

Spray-on ceramic coating is not only for cars, either. You can apply it to the exterior paint, wheels, exterior glass, and leather and fabric surfaces.

5 Benefits of Ceramic Coating

1. Protection from the Sun

UV rays ruin everything. Sure, a covered parking spot is ideal, but how often is one accessible? The sun will undoubtedly cause your paint job to dull and fade. 

2. Protection from Chemical Stains Caused by Air Pollution

The air outside is potentially damaging your vehicle. Poor air quality and pollution cause chemical stains that add wear and tear to a beautiful paint job.

You can prevent contaminants from bonding with the paint with a ceramic coating.

3. Hydrophobic Features

Typically, water is an enemy to a freshly shined car. But, spray-on ceramic coating repels water and the gross grime that comes with it. 

4. Ease of Clean

The hydrophobic nature means it is easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry that you’ll remove the ceramic-based coating.

5. Glossy Shine

The exterior of a car fades over time because of the sun, air, and other elements. Ceramic coating adds depth and glossiness to any paint job. 

5 Best Spray on Ceramic Coating Options for Your Car

1. GTECHNIQ C2v3 Liquid Crystal

GTECHNIQ tops most ceramic coating reviews. It is because it provides some of the best UV protection and water-sheeting on the market. 

It sure does help that it lasts up to 8 months with a single application. 


Pencil Hardness Test 

Let’s skip the hard part this round and explain the pencil hardness test. It really doesn’t matter in the long run, but it might come up.

The gist is that it’s a type of evaluation method that determines how hard a material is. The coating materials industry most commonly performs this test.

And it is literally done by moving a graphite pencil of different hardness across a surface.

The higher the number, the harder the material. The ratings are – 10H, 9H, 8H, 7H, 6H, 5H, 4H, 3H, 2H, and H. 

The reason it is unimportant is that the hardness is not what makes it scratch resistant.

2. Ceramic Pro CARE

Professionals love Ceramic Pro because it is a revolutionary ceramic coating technology that you can use on a wet or dry surface. 

The enhancement spray protects your clear coat from the elements that only want to diminish your shine.

3. SHINE ARMOR Ceramic Coating

Shine armor is a home detailing ceramic coating, which means it only lasts 2 to 3 months. But it is a miracle product for people who can’t afford professional applications.

How to Apply Shine Armor Ceramic Coating

The upside to applying your own spray-on ceramic coating is that it only takes two steps.

The downside is that once you start, you have to the entire vehicle. Let’s hope you’ve got patience and arm strength.

  1. Spray a little of Shine Armor on a clean towel.
  2. Gently and carefully apply it to your vehicle’s surface in a circular motion.

4. Nexgen Ceramic Spray Silicon Dioxide

Your car’s paint requires maintenance, and sometimes getting to a professional takes a little longer than expected.

Nexgen Ceramic Spray is a DYI coating that provides professional protection and extends the life of your paint job.

5. System X Renew Ceramic Spray Coating

You need a ceramic coating that will last wash after wash and hold up to the elements.

System X Renew Spray held up to testing and repeated abuse with soap and water, and you can apply it at home.

How to Choose Professional Ceramic Coating

It can get overwhelming when dealing with ceramic coating options because so many are out there. And, when dealing with your pride and joy, you will want to at least get quotes from ceramic coating professionals.

1. How long will the ceramic coating last? 

You are going to get scratches on your vehicle. Debris, careless folks, and washing it over and over will start to do damage. Depending on your paint job, it could take years, but why wait to protect it? 

The DIY options only last months, not years.

When you go to a certified professional, your ceramic coating will last far longer (sometimes up to 5 years). 

2. How do I choose an installer?

Often, the professional you choose is more important than the coating. And, as expensive as it gets, you want to ensure the installer knows what they’re doing.

You want to ask as many questions as come to mind.

One of the primary reasons you want an expert installer is that the better they are, the longer the ceramic coating will last.

Another reason seeking a professional is worth it is their job to avoid ugly high spots, swirls, and scratches trapped underneath the coating. 

You are far more likely to lock that debris in place when you do it yourself due to just everyday human error.

3. How important is the coating’s reputation?

Remember, not all ceramic coating options are the same. It is why asking the installer questions is so essential. Some products out there are entirely useless. 

Customer reviews are a good way to check a product and brand’s reputation. It only takes a bit of research.

4. What is your budget?

If you can afford it, at least get a professional ceramic coating installer to give you a quote for the work you want to be done. How do you know unless you ask?

The do-it-at-home spray-on ceramic coatings are typically highly affordable, but you will be getting what you pay for. But, a few months of protection is better than none at all.

Further Reading & FAQs

What are the disadvantages of ceramic coating?

  • It is going to take a long time. If you think waxing took forever, applying a coating takes much longer.
  • The price is often restrictive regarding what you can get done or do yourself. 
  • Do-overs are hard to accomplish. If you mess up while applying, the headache of removing it is ridiculous.

Is ceramic coating permanent?

You have two types – permanent and semi-permanent. Professionals typically apply the permanent ceramic coating, which lasts for years.

The DIY variety comes mostly semi-permanent and only lasts for a few months.

Are ceramic coatings worth the investment?

Think of it as investing in your car.

Ceramic coatings add and maintain the value of your car. You keep it looking shiny and new, and the value will also reflect the investment. 

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