5 Facts on Average SUV Ceramic Coating Costs

Ceramic coatings have become a sought-after service for SUV owners looking to protect their vehicle’s paint…but as with so many services, “it depends”…is not super-helpful.

So here’s how we break down the costs of ceramic coating for an SUV.

Understanding Ceramic Coating Pricing & SUV Size Categories

There are three variables in a ceramic coating package

  • How much paint correction is needed to prep the vehicle for ceramic.
  • What quality/longevity ceramic coating is needed.
  • Are there any other surfaces being coated (other than paint).

Our most common package sold is a single stage paint correction followed by our 9 year Crystal Serum Ultra application. Most clients also opt in for 1 additional surface protected with wheel faces and glass surfaces being the most popular two options would cost a clients between $1275 – $1710 depending on the size of the vehicle.

You can save or invest money in each variable (better paint correction, longer coating, more surfaces, etc).

But it’s crucial to understand that costs can vary based on the vehicle’s size. Generally, SUVs are categorized into compact, mid-size, and full-size, each requiring different amounts of product and labor time.

Compact SUVs, being the smallest, will naturally incur the lowest costs, while full-size SUVs will be at the upper end of the price spectrum.

Average Cost for Compact SUVs

For compact SUVs, ceramic coating costs are typically more affordable due to their smaller surface area. On average, owners can expect to pay between $1200 to $1400 for a professional ceramic coating application.

This price includes thorough preparation of the vehicle’s paint, which often involves decontamination and paint correction before the coating can be applied. Of course, the final cost can fluctuate depending on the specific product used and the reputation of the detailing shop.

Mid-Size SUV Coating Price Range

Moving up to mid-size SUVs, the coating cost climbs, reflecting the increased labor and material required. Owners can anticipate spending somewhere in the ballpark of $1400 to $1,600 for our most popular package.

The price variance within this range is typically due to the level of paint correction needed and the choice of ceramic coating product—some formulations boast more advanced properties and thus carry a premium.

Full-Size SUV Ceramic Expenses

For full-size SUVs, with their expansive real estate, the ceramic coating process can be quite the undertaking. As such, the costs associated are higher, generally falling between $1,600 to $1,800.

This price tag reflects the sizable amount of product and the time-intensive labor needed to cover the larger area. Additionally, full-size SUVs often serve as family haulers or adventure vehicles, which might require more significant paint correction before the coating application.

Factors Influencing Coating Costs

Several factors can influence the final cost of a ceramic coating. The condition of your SUV’s paint plays a significant role; more extensive paint correction procedures will increase the price.

The quality and brand of the ceramic coating also matter—premium brands with longer warranties and enhanced protective qualities will command a higher price. Lastly, the experience and reputation of the professional applying the coating can impact the cost, as seasoned experts often charge more for their expertise and guaranteed results.

Maintaining Your Ceramic Coating

After investing in a ceramic coating, maintenance is relatively simple but crucial for longevity. Regular washing with a pH-neutral shampoo will help maintain the coating’s hydrophobic properties.

It’s also wise to avoid automatic car washes with abrasive brushes, as they can diminish the coating’s integrity. Periodic inspections by a professional can help address any issues early on, ensuring your coating performs optimally for as long as possible.

Cost vs. Value: Is It Worth It?

When weighing the cost against the value, consider that a ceramic coating extends the life of your SUV’s paint and maintains its aesthetic appeal. This can translate to higher resale values and reduced costs in paint repairs over time.

Moreover, for many SUV owners, the ease of cleaning and the sheer pleasure of a perpetually glossy vehicle justify the initial investment. Ultimately, a ceramic coating isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in preserving your SUV’s appearance and value.

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