Acura Ceramic Coating: Maximum Protection That “Pops”


Make your Acura’s appearance “pop” – and keep it protected no matter what the weather, sun, or road debris throws at it.

At EZ Auto Spa, we can provide built-in protection and shine with our accredited ceramic coating installation service. We are also an certified provider of paintless dent repair, paint protection film, and window tinting for ultimate protections of your Acura.

About Ceramic Coating

Gtechniq brand coatings are used by our trained specialists in this method. The process is ideal for bringing out the factory finish and adding a layer of protection against debris, the sun, and rain so that your Acura’s resale value holds up for years.

Ceramic Coating Brands

Ceramic coating is not only increasingly popular among car owners, it’s increasingly showing benefits and long-lasting protection to thousands of car owners. With different grades and options, ceramic coating is highly customizable for any budget, need, or schedule.

Acura Ceramic Coating Scheduling

Since exterior treatments are all we do, we are versatile with our scheduling and accurate with our estimates. We’ve done work on a range of cars & trucks and can get your Acura back on the road with superior protection and shine.

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We are open for walk-in visits from 8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

*Disclaimer – EZ Auto Spa is not officially affiliated with Acura

Please feel free to contact us today for more information on Acura ceramic coating as well as window tinting, paintless dent repair, or paint protection film.

FAQs on Acura Ceramic Coating

Here are some common questions on ceramic coating for Acuras.

Is ceramic coating only for new cars?

What are the benefits of a ceramic coating for a Acura?

A ceramic coating on Acura cars provides an additional hydrophobic layer of protection, which can increase the resale value of your car. Ceramic coating prevents rust by forming an oxide coat, which is physically blocking corrosion. The added durability also means that vehicle owners don’t have to fix or recondition their vehicles as often.

What are the pros & cons of ceramic coatings for Acura?

There are many pros to ceramic coating. The coating provides an additional protective layer on the vehicle, inhibits rust formation, and increases the resale value of your vehicle.

The main downside is the cost and length of the coating’s effectiveness. However, both are highly dependent on how & where you want the coating applied along with what grade of coating you choose. Our specialists can work with you to find a product that meets your goals.

Does a ceramic coating on a Acura alter the paint surface?

No, a Acura Ceramic Coating is constructed to blend in with the color and material of the paint. There should be no change in effect or appearance when it is complete.

Once placed, this polymer will penetrate into the exterior surface and bond with it in order to create an additional level of hydrophobic defense against abrasions and scratching – this means you will not see where the car was coated when our work is done – except that the “pop” will never fade. Your car will stay looking its best.

How much does it cost to ceramic coat a Acura?

The cost of ceramic coating comes down to two things. The process costs and the materials costs.

The process costs are determined by how much time our technicians spend applying the coating. All our technicians are highly skilled and efficient, but the coating does best when it’s worked in several times over with different tools. Each “mini-application” adds a layer of quality.

Ceramic coating materials are determined by the size of your car and the grade of ceramic coating.

It’s easy to figure out the size of your vehicle. The surface area of an Acura is less than that of a Chevrolet Tahoe.

Your grade of ceramic coating is mainly a choice of how long you want your coating to last and how much you want it to “pop” – we offer a full range of the best coatings in the industry and can walk you through your choices.

Sometimes though, it’s easier to just chat in person with our ceramic coating specialists. Feel free to drop in and have our specialists check out your car and show you your options! You can also hit the chat button and connect with one of our managers.

How long does ceramic coating last on a Acura?

Our coatings all come with different guarantees from 9 to 5 years – but we can also work with you to choose the best for your car & use case.

When can you wash your Acura after a ceramic coating is applied?

It depends a little bit on the process and grade. Our technicians can provide a full instructions after application. If you’ve already had ceramic coating applied but don’t know, feel free to call us and ask!

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