Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Tools & Kits

One of our most frequently asked questions is what tools we use to fix your car. The PDR industry is relatively small but there are still so many PDR tool options.

The truth is, most PDR tools are developed, manufactured, and even distributed by current and former PDR Technicians around the world. It’s really a fantastic industry because it’s constantly self innovating. This can make it a bit overwhelming to sort through the tool options.

Here at EZ Auto Spa we use tools from literally hundreds of manufacturers. Anyone that trusts us with their training is assisted through the entire tool purchasing experience. From glue tab, to knockdown, to lighting, we will get you taken care of.

Here is a list and brief description of a handful of our favorites, listed alphabetically (please reach out if you are a tool manufacturer and don’t see your name on the list):

A-1 has been a staple in the PDR tool community for years. Manufacturing their tools in house and distributing internationally, A-1 is and always has been an industry leader. Their adjustable handled tools changed the game.

Anson PDR is a lead manufacturer and tool distributor in the PDR Industry. Based in Dallas, Texas Anson has become a leader in by offering great customer service and being a main distributor for nearly every PDR tool brand.

B&D Tools has been innovating tools since I started in this business. Best known for their door prop tools, B&D also has developed full sets of rods and repair tools.

Black Plague PDR was a game changer twice over. Their tab weld glue pulled harder than any glue that had ever been on the market. Their flat series tabs also changed glue pulling technology and have become the norm in the market today.

Blehm is a tech owned tool company that is a favorite amongst hail techs. Their wire tools are on nearly every hail cart I’ve witnessed.

Carbon Tech PDR Tools is a favorite amongst techs. Embracing carbon fiber has set them apart and made them stand out in the industry. Their hood stand, hail rod, and never loose ball mount seem to be their biggest sellers.

DCC Dent Tools is the lead tool manufacturer and distributor in Canada. Selling internationally they have made a name for themselves. Their New DCCSCAN seems to be the way of the future with regard to hail estimating. Check it out, it will blow your mind.

Dead On Dent Tools is a tech owned company specializing in unique and well made tool tips. Their ballistic tip set is a favorite among hail techs.

Dentcraft Tools is one of the leaders in innovation and tool development. Taking pride in the quality and affordability of their products, Dentcraft is a staple in the PDR industry. Rarely will you see a technicians cart without seeing some Dentcraft whale tails on it.

Dent Dial is a unique and innovative tool company in the PDR industry. Their bendable flatbar a favorite amongst techs that find themselves repairing large damage regularly.

Dent Dynamics specializes in knockdowns and tips but they also carry full repair kits. They are the creators of the very innovative “twin-tip” knockdown.

Dent Magic Tools is a manufacturer and distributor of PDR tools internationally. They have been in the industry for years and are a staple at PDR trade shows.

Dent Man Tools came onto the screen with their ergonomic, comfortable handled blending hammers and they haven’t looked back. They have recently released a new carbon fiber hail rod that is pushing the uses of carbon fiber to new limits.

DentStuff is a new and innovative PDR company that is making waves. Their quad head extendable hail rod is among the most popular sold today.

Dent Tools USA Warehouse is an international distributor and tool manufacturer. Many of their hand tools future adjustable handles. Check them out.

Druz Toolz is a tech owned and tech innovated tool company. It is obvious the tools are crafted with the repair in mind. I purchased my first blending hammer from Druz Toolz quite a long time ago. It still works well.

Edgy Tools is one of the most unique tool companies on the market. They focus on accessories to PDR. This includes hangers, tech minded knockdown tips, and unique and ergonomic knockdowns. Edgy Tools is a staple on every techs cart.

Elim-A-Dent is a leader in the PDR lighting market. Having developed the first “common use battery” operated light. Along with their new hail light, customers can also purchase lights that run off of Makita, Dewalt, and Milwaukee 18v Li-Ion batteries.

Endeavor Dent Tools is a tech owned tool company based in Georgia. They sell both rods and accessories but specialize in hangers.  Their ratcheting hangers are among the best in the market.

Excel Tools is a lead manufacturer and distributor in the European market. Based out of France, Excel Tools has become internationally recognized. Their “Big Dent Machine” was a game changer and has helped techs save oil canned dents for years.

Get A Grip offers unique and innovative options for holding accessories off of the panel. Whether it’s a heat gun, a fan, an umbrella, Get A Grip can hold them all.

Keco Tabs is the leader in glue pull technology. Manufacturing glue tabs and glue pulling tools has been their specialty since the beginning and it shows. Far and away the most popular glue tab on the market, Keco sets itself apart by constantly innovating and pushing the limits something that we all thought we understood. Keco is not a heavy player in the body shop Pull To Paint market.

Mobile Tech Shade offers fantastic shade umbrellas with ridiculously strong suction cups. They allow a tech to work using a light even outside in direct sun.

PDR Finesse has been a staple of innovation for years. Some of the most unique, tech thoughtful tool you will find has been made by PDR Finesse.

PDR Outlet is a distributor internationally of most pdf tools and accessories on the market.

Power PDR creators of the Power PDR box have been saving oil cans for years. Using high frequency pulse technology, the Power Box really is a miracle worker.

Pro PDR Solutions is a leader in PDR lighting. They were one of the first to bring LED lighting to market. Nearly every PDR tech has owned a PRO PDR light at one time or another.

Precision PDR is a tech owned and tech innovated tool company. Bringing their “Lift-Rite” to market changed the way techs thought about glue pulling. It’s a favorite among my techs.

Blending Hammer PDR changed the game with some of its tools innovation. Owner, Shane Jacks, showcased his blending abilities and has been in the tool business since. Check out their Edge Jack tool while you’re there.

Stanliner is one of the oldest tool manufacturers that has very recently exploded in popularity. Based in Lithuania, Stanliner made its name with its beautifully crafted tools that challenge traditional PDR methods and teach all new techniques. Check them out.

Stucky Lighting and Tools is an innovator in the lighting and accessory market. Their original “ding light” was the first handheld battery powered light for most techs. I still own mine and it works perfectly. Stucky’s hail light is a preferred option for many techs today.

TDN Tools is a lead manufacturer and international distributor located in the UK. Their tool carts are amongst the most popular int he industry and their collapsable hood stand was a game changer.

Ultra Dent Tools is a developer and distributor for many of the most common PDR tools on the market. The Daniel Gromm Motorcycle PDR stand that we use is from their catalogue.

Velocity PDR is an up and coming tool company with a few unique tools on the market. Be sure to check out their extendable blending hammer.