EZ Auto Spa’s PDR 101 Seminar

Are you considering a career in the growing and lucrative Paintless Dent Repair industry?

EZ DENT Auto Spa is excited to offer a 2-Day Training Seminar into the art and business of PDR.

In this PDR class, you will learn the basics of paintless dent repair theory, as well as receive coaching from industry experts on the business of PDR.

Our classes take place on the weekend to help make it easier for you to attend, and are customized to fit the skill level of each class.

Read on to learn more and book your spot!

Key Benefits of PDR 101

PDR 101 is made for anyone who is curious about paintless dent repair but does not want to make a large investment in time, money, or risk.

In fact, PDR 101 will not only give you a sense of whether PDR is worth additional investment as a long-term career (we think it is!), but it will also provide an immediate career benefit for anyone in the automotive industry.

For example, if you are a service advisor, you’ll walk away with immediate skills in car body quality assurance and body repair sales. If you are a collision repair technician, you’ll have new repair techniques and tactics. If you are a manager or at a parts counter, you’ll be able to evaluate your vendors better.

We’ve even helped insurance adjusters and salespeople understand the tools & techniques of PDR to get better at their jobs – and that’s not to mention students and people new to the auto industry who have found new, lucrative careers from the beginning.

What You’ll Learn & Takeaway

Our classes are structured so that you will have skills and knowledge that you can instantly takeaway & use in any automotive job. Here’s how the class curriculum breaks down.

Day 1 Curriculum

Paintless Dent Repair is an art that draws on several different concepts & skill sets. On Day 1, you’ll learn about the what and why behind paintless dent repair.

In only one day, you’ll come away with knowledge that can help you either spark an interest in a PDR career or get key insights that will make you even better at your current job. Here’s what Day 1 looks like.

  • Intro to Paintless Dent Repair
  • Metal Theory
  • Fog-light Reading
  • History of PDR
  • Glue Pulling 101 (hands on)
  • Dent Pushing 101 (hands on)
  • Knockdown Training (hands on)

Day 2 Curriculum

PDR is not only an art, it’s also a practice. It’s impossible to learn and judge PDR as a skillset or as a business until you’ve actually pushed and pulled dents with your own hands, using real PDR tools. Here’s what Day 2 looks like.

  • Continued hands-on repair coaching
  • Large Dent Mapping
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of PDR
  • Recommended tools to purchase on your budget (test them at the training)
  • R&I for dent repair (removal and installation)
  • Safety tips for PDR
  • Processes and Standards
  • Dent repair in an obstructed area
  • Business coaching for your future

Who PDR 101 Is For

We planned PDR 101 to be open and accessible for anyone. Our pricing, costs, and slots are transparent and come with no strings attached. But we also want students to be here because it’s a good fit. Here’s who PDR 101 is planned for.

  • If you are looking to start a career in the PDR industry but don’t want to commit $5,000-10,000+ for full PDR training at this time.
  • You are a hands on learner. You will be using professional PDR tools to repair real dents in a real PDR shop.
  • Taking weekdays off is a challenge. Our training is scheduled for Saturday – Sunday to allow for ideal travel and current work schedules.
  • You are a bodyshop technician, mechanic, detailer, insurance adjuster, or DIYer interested in determining if a career in PDR is right for you.

While we strongly believe that group learning is an asset in this environment, we will have limited class sizes so don’t hesitate to reserve your spot.

Background on PDR 101

Most PDR “classes” on the market offer one to two week options to learn the basics of the art. Unfortunately, these classes normally require significant time-off in order to attend and are a heavy financial investment.

While these trainings can certainly offer a great service, full training classes are an expensive option for those who may still be determining whether a career in PDR is the right fit. Why spend $10k+ in costs only to find that its not the career for you?

The scary fact is that many techs who do opt for a full PDR training package still end up either failing out of the business or needing to go back for additional advanced training. If you think about it, if it was as easy as 5 or 10 days of training, how could it be as valuable a trade as it is?

Like any skill; a good foundation, hard work, the right training, and solid tools are the recipe to real success.

Our PDR 101 Seminar allows students to put a toe in the water of the industry, and leave the class knowing what a future in the trade can look like. We know that our class also provides an excellent building block to more advanced training or at-home practice if you do choose to pursue a career. It really is a no-risk option.

Cost to attend a PDR 101 Seminar

In an effort to make these events as approachable as possible we have set our price per attendee at $825 for the 2 day seminar.

Our goal is to make it possible for anyone who is genuinely interested in learning more about Paintless Dent Repair to attend.

Hotel & Dining Information

Blocks of rooms at a discounted rate will be available to those needing accommodations. Link with discount block rate will be emailed to all attendees. Discounted rates are only available for a limited time and while supplies last.

Complementary breakfast provided by host hotel.

Snacks, beverages, and lunch will be provided free of charge to all attendees in attendance.

PDR 101 Instructors