Ceramic 101 Seminar

Join our next 2 day class July 22-23.

Ceramic 101 is curated specifically for existing reconditioning professionals looking to add Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating to their offerings.

EZ Auto Spa is excited to offer a 2-Day Training Seminar into the process and business of Ceramic Coating.

  • Learn EZ Auto Spa’s internal process.
  • Learn proper hand wash technique.
  • Hands on 1 Step and 2 Step Paint Correction.
  • Install a real Ceramic Coating on an actual vehicle using professional grade products.
  • Test tools and products and receive immediate discounts on all future purchases.
  • Learn sales and marketing techniques that we use every day at EZ Auto Spa.
  • Leave with professional marketing video recorded for each attendee.

Record and receive a professional video introducing ceramic coating to your existing clients.

Example Video All Attendees Receive – Dapper Dent

In this class, you will learn the ins and outs of paint correction theory, as well as receive coaching from industry experts on the business of Ceramic Coating.

Our classes take place in one of our full productions shops. This allows attendees to learn both correction/coating skills as well as learn sales & marketing processes. Classes are hands on and are customized to fit the skill level of each attendee.

Read on to learn more and book your spot!

Key Benefits of Ceramic 101

Ceramic 101 is curated specifically for those in the auto reconditioning business looking to add paint correction and ceramic coating to their service offerings.

For example, if you are an existing PDR technician, you can expect to walk away with immediate skills in how to properly paint correct, install ceramic coatings, & cross sell to your existing clients. In addition, you’ll be equipped with product list and knowledge as well as qualify for immediate discounts on product purchases.

As a Gtechniq Accredited company, we are proud to teach the same professional wash, correction, and coating procedures that we use everyday.

What You’ll Learn & Takeaway

Our classes are structured so that you will have skills and knowledge that you can instantly takeaway & use in any automotive field. Here’s how the class curriculum breaks down.


Day 1 Curriculum

Paint Correction draws on several different concepts & skill sets. On Day 1, you’ll learn about the what and why behind proper wash and correction techniques.

In only one day, you’ll come away with knowledge that can help you immediately implement wash and correction processes within your business. Here’s what Day 1 looks like:

  • Sales strategies Intro
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Inspection – Lighting
  • Correction Prep (hands on)
  • Cart Setup
  • Recommended tools for your budget (test at the training)
  • Test Panel (hands on)
  • Paint Correction – 2 step vs 1 step (hands on)
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Correction

Day 2 Curriculum

Correction and Coating is not only an art, it’s also a practice. It’s very challenging to learn and judge as a skillset or as a business until you’ve actually corrected paint and coated a vehicle with your own hands, using real tools. Here’s what Day 2 looks like:

  • Continued (hands on) Correction
  • Quality Control
  • Panel Wipe (hands on)
  • Prep For Coat
  • Plan for Coating
  • Ceramic Coating Install (hands on)
  • Inspect and QC
  • High Spot Repair (hands on)
  • Maintenance
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Processes and Standards
  • Business coaching for your future
  • Introduction to distributors – 15 % product discounts for all attendees.

Who Ceramic 101 Is For

We planned Ceramic 101 to be open and accessible for anyone. Our pricing, costs, and slots are transparent and come with no strings attached. But we also want students to be here because it’s a good fit. Here’s who Ceramic 101 is planned for.

  • If you are an existing auto reconditioning technician looking to scale your business by adding additional services.
  • You are a hands on learner. You will be using professional correction tools to repair real paint in a real shop.
  • You are a bodyshop technician, window tinter, detailer, mechanic, dealer, insurance adjuster, or DIYer interested in determining if a career in coating is right for you.

While we strongly believe that group learning is an asset in this environment, we will have limited class sizes so don’t hesitate to reserve your spot.

Background on Ceramic 101

Most Coating “classes” on the market offer online or in person options to learn the basics of the correction and coating. Many times, these classes are curated for someone who is already a detailer looking to add correcting as a skill. These are sometimes also associated with a specific coating or product line and may be limited in the width of training.

While these trainings can certainly offer a great service, we found that as an existing multi-service shop, many of our attendees value our ability to teach cross selling, up-selling, and marketing techniques as well as correction process.

Like any skill; a good foundation, hard work, the right training, and solid tools are the recipe to real success.

Our Ceramic 101 Seminar allows students to train with real experts, using real tools, in a working Auto Spa. We know that our class also provides excellent marketing resources as well as product discount links. It really is a no-risk option.

Cost to attend a PDR 101 Seminar

In an effort to make these events as approachable as possible we have set our price per attendee at $1400 for the 2 day seminar.

Our goal is to make it possible for anyone who is genuinely interested in learning more about Paint Correction to attend.

*If more than one attendee from the same wishes to attend attend, the second attendee is 1/2 price. (Only 1 marketing video will be provided per company)

Hotel & Dining Information

Blocks of rooms at a discounted rate will be available to those needing accommodations. Link with discount block rate will be emailed to all attendees. Discounted rates are only available for a limited time and while supplies last.

Complementary breakfast may be provided by host hotel.

Snacks, beverages, and lunch will be provided free of charge to all attendees in attendance.