How EZ Auto Spa Solves Dent Repair for High-End & Luxury Cars

Luxury Cars

Paintless Dent Repair on high-end and luxury cars can be a challenge for car owners. On the physical side, there’s the unique structure, body, material, paint & finishes that are used only with high-end and luxury cars.

On the financial / expertise side, there’s the challenge of “condition equity” in your car, the opportunity cost of owning a slightly damaged, but also still valuable car, and the challenge of finding someone who can just get the repair done.

For dent repair on high-end & luxury cars, the paintless dent repair process is almost always the perfect fit. It solves most physical challenges and exceeds the financial & expertise challenges as well.

Few dent shops have the company and individual expertise for luxury cars like EZ Auto Spa. Our founder, Matt Moore, has 17+ years of experience doing hand-on repairs & technician training on everything from modern luxury makes to high-end vintage models.

The team at EZ Auto Spa are high-end car dent specialists who understand both the technical challenges of luxury car dent repair (working with special alloys & paints), along with the financial & emotional challenges of luxury car ownership (restoring the true value while explaining any tradeoffs).

Our team is based in Georgia with direct access & logistical experience to do fly-in repairs or handle parts shipping to our main shop depending on customer goals. Send us a quote request or call direct during office hours for any questions, concerns, or interviews.

Learn more about our Before & After work, along with makes that we’ve worked with including Tesla, Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, and Ferrari.

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