13 Updated Georgia Car Accident Statistics

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Road accidents have become more prevalent now because of many factors, like owning a car is more accessible now, there are cheaper car options, and a general ignorance of traffic rules. Sadly all these come at a cost because more and more people have fallen victim to road and road-related accidents.

Our primary focus of the article will be on the state of Georgia. Georgia is the 8th most populous state in the United States of America. Despite being the eighth most populous state, it ranks highly in 4th place for the most significant number of fatal road accidents as of February 2022.

Road accidents are common in Georgia, some minor, while the majority are significant and injure people permanently and claim lives. 

This article will highlight some of Georgia’s car accident statistics.

50% of Georgia Car Accidents Are Speed Related to Accidents

More than 50% of road accidents in Georgia and the United States Of America are caused by overspeeding. Drivers are too aggressive on the roads, and when required to carry out last-minute evasive maneuvers, they cannot due to their high speed. 

Since Covid-19, which peaked in 2020, there has been less road traffic. Drivers take this as an opportunity to speed up, leading to more and more fatalities. This leaves the vehicle out of control and causes all kinds of road havoc, such as head-on collisions, car pile-ups, and even a grave danger to unsuspecting pedestrians.

Males Are More Likely To Cause Road Accidents in Georgia 

In Georgia, the Male gender is the leading cause of fatal accidents, having caused about 71% of the total road accidents, which is a lot more than their female counterparts. This has changed drastically compared to the 2016 statistics that stated 34% of the total fatal accidents were caused by males and females, just about 16% by females. 

Research reveals that males drive at very high speeds as they are overconfident. Females drive at slow speeds as they are always cautious by their nature; as a result, females do not cause half as many road accidents as males do. 

More Pedestrians Are Getting Involved in Road Accidents 

Pedestrian deaths have spiked in the last few years. According to the IIHS, pedestrian deaths accounted for nearly 17% of all motor vehicle crash fatalities in recent years. About 20% of pedestrian deaths involved a hit-and-run accident. Distractions are the third leading cause of pedestrian fatalities, primarily due to electronic devices and passenger distractions. 

Drivers must drive slowly in populated areas, as stated by the speed limit. Pedestrians must also be very observant when crossing the road and not distracted by their cellular devices or pedestrian counterparts to avoid fatal motor vehicle accidents.

363 Die for Not Wearing Seatbelts 

In the state of Georgia, there were 1,164 traffic fatalities in the year 2014. This includes 795 drivers or riders in passenger cars, 163 pedestrians, and 19 cyclists. Of the 795 passenger vehicle accident deaths, 376 wore a seatbelt, while 363 were not properly restrained. 

According to the jason schultz pc Library, in recent years, it is estimated that this number has grown because people are becoming less and less prone to using seatbelts, resulting in a steep increase in deaths due to fatal accidents. According to the NHTSA, seatbelt use reduces the risk of death by 45% and the risk of severe injuries by 50%.

2018 Car Related Accidents Were Recorded at 30,875

According to the Georgia Electronic Accident Reporting System, 30,875 car-related accidents were reported in 2018 in Georgia. Most of the accidents occurred in Fulton County. The car accident data showed that the accidents happened because of drunk and rogue drivers, running red lights, and general ignorance.

In 2019 Car Accident Reporting Were Recorded at 34,446 in Atlanta 

According to the Atlanta PD, car accidents in Atlanta reached an all-time high in 2019, with 34,446 cases reported. Some of the cases were fatal, while others managed to survive with minor injuries. Most cars happen in major cities like Fulton, which have busy roads. Road safety should always be observed.

2020 Car Related Accidents Were 21,478

Despite the world being on lockdown and everyone being forced to stay home and practice social distancing, car-related accidents in Georgia were still serious; remember that these are the reported accidents. Cases of fatal car accidents happening while people are thought to be in lockdown leave a huge question mark on law enforcement in Georgia.

In 2019, 42 People Were Killed Because of Drunk Driving

One of the leading causes of car accidents is drunk driving. Either you are a pedestrian minding your business on the road and fatally hit by a drunk driver, or you are a passenger in a drunk driver’s car, or you are the drunk driver. All these are scenarios experienced and contributed to the statistic above. So next time you think of driving while intoxicated, don’t.

One-Quarter of the Accidents in Georgia Are Due to Drunk Driving

In a study conducted between 2013 to 2019 shower, drunk driving contributed to one-quarter of the accidents experienced. The highest number of fatalities recorded in the survey was in 2019, when 42 People died, totaling 29.1% of the fatalities of road accidents that year. These are shocking statistics for one state.

Pedestrians Are More Likely To Get Into Accidents 

Pedestrians fall prey to road accidents because they lack physical protection and therefore absorb all the crash’s impact. A survey conducted in 2019 in Georgia showed that pedestrians are more likely to die from road accidents than drivers or passengers. One hundred fifteen people died from road-related accidents in 2019. 

Most pedestrians die on the spot while others succumb to injuries while being taken to hospital. As a pedestrian, you should always be vigilant of your surroundings and take caution of the drivers around you.

Georgia Ranked the 4th Deadliest State

According to a study on road and road-related accidents, Georgia is ranked the fourth deadliest state in terms of road accidents. In 2020 alone, 1409 people died from road accidents in Georgia.

The high number of fatalities and car accidents in Georgia is attributed to the fact that it is an urban state meaning tons of people are using the roads every day, the streets are super busy, and the likelihood of an accident is extremely high.

North Hairston Named One of the Most Dangerous Intersections

A study revealed that 2 out of every five road accidents happen in intersections. What’s shocking is that 20% of all fatalities happen at an intersection. Numerous contributing factors make junctions black spots, one being that they serve as blind spots for many drivers. 

When many vehicles approach from different sides of a ride, they ultimately meet at one point, the intersection. A recommendation is to place convex mirrors to help people see incoming vehicles.

Bicyclists Take Up 5% of All Road Accidents

A study done in 2019 showed that bicyclists are involved in 5% of all road accidents in Georgia. Bicyclists come in second after pedestrians. The percentage may be lower than pedestrians, but all statistics must be taken seriously.

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